when war criminals retire

from arctic beacon: They probably don’t stand a ‘snow ball’s chance in hell,’ but that isn’t stopping a group of citizens in Iceland from filing criminal charges against former President George H. W. Bush.

Doing what Americans should have done long ago, Icelandic citizens file charges with the State’s Police Chief, accusing former President Bush for participation in war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, and crimes against internationally protected persons.

The charges were filed July 4 on Independence Day and coincide with a visit by Bush on July 7 to Iceland, being an invited guest of the host country’s President Olafur R. Grimsson.

Many critics of Bush in America re saying a silent prayer the “charges stick” as the foreign criminal charges filed illustrate just how many abroad hold the Bush family in contempt for their criminal acts and acts of imperialistic aggression, resulting in the death of untold millions.

from counterpunch: George Bush just celebrated his 60th birthday, and in his rare free moments, it would be natural for him to begin to consider how–and where–he’ll spend his time after leaving office. He seems to enjoy the ranch in Texas, and will of course be involved in setting up his presidential library, and work on behalf of his favorite charities.

As a former president, there will of course be many invitations to travel and speak on a wide variety of subjectsand that is where my advice comes in. Bush should bag the foreign travel…

… he will not know where and in which of these places charges may have been filed… by family members of people who were flown on un-marked dull, grey-painted planes to remote airports to be tortured or “disappeared”… or family of men, women and children who were summarily executed by soldiers in places like Haditha, Bakuba or Mahmoudia… or relatives of civilians whose bodies were lost in the flattened rubble of downtown Falluja.

Indeed, some of the questions which French judges wanted to ask of Henry Kissinger in Paris in 2001 had involved the secret, high-altitude carpet bombings of Cambodian towns and villages during the Vietnam War.

No, former President Bush would be wise to stay home in Texas in his retirement. It is highly unlikely that he would face imprisonment in his own country, as did General Pinochet. George Bush should enjoy the barbeque, and ride his horses through the mesquite. Maybe invite former Vice-President Cheney down to the ranch for some hunting.

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