100 new militia groups since obama elected

…and again, we’re back to the homegrown errorism of the 90’s…
from raw replay: Mark Potok told CNN that the Southern Poverty Law Center has found 100 new militia groups since President Barack Obama was elected. CNN’s Jim Acosta talked to members of one militia who are worried that Obama will take away their Second Amendment rights. This video is from CNN’s American Morning, broadcast Nov. 16, 2009.

11/19 updates:
montana seeing new rise in anti-govt, hate groups*
cnn propaganda segment on oath keepers demonizes ‘fall of the republic’*
adl’s 3 ‘extremist conspiracy theories’ w/ context & evidence*

2 responses to “100 new militia groups since obama elected”

  1. bailoutmainstreetnow Avatar

    How long and How many bad reports before
    we learn the lesson – We need to form opposable non violent
    coalitions Using Obama's own words that can
    move policies for real… http://www.bailoutmainstreetnow.com this will take some hard work
    but people have to start by adding positive contributions
    so that we can effect real change

    People who want to do something positive –
    – Channel your energies in a positive way. Here are some suggestions, build a web page, phone your congressman, attend meetings in your local area with like minded people to form or support freedom coalitions, email your local representatives, call Washington, have group viewings videos that have verified information pertaining to amendment rights… http://www.bailoutmainstreetnow.com

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I'm not sure why people are calling these people 'radicals' cause they are no different from the original colonist who started the American Revolution. Since when did, defending your country, become 'radical'?

    There is a new book just out, finally, about a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution! It's insightful cause it could be your home town in the near future.

    It's the one book that is a must read cause it has all of today's current issues. Just see what's coming nxt year & then you'll know why others are buying the book now.

    It's, 'we the people……..not you the government'

    Just read it & prepare….


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