10/27 Newspurge: The Show Goes On

9/11 updates:
the 9/11 consensus panel –
‘best evidence’ indicates flaws in official 9/11 narrative

attorneys who filed 9/11 conspiracy suit are sanctioned for pressing frivolous appeal*
‘homeland’ examines paranoia in post-9/11 america*
are zombies the guilty conscience of post-9/11 america?*

how ready are we for bioterrorism?*

how ready are we for bioterrorism?how to test the anthrax vaccine in children*
major study says no link between cell phones & cancer*
millions of tons of fukushima debris expected to soon wash up on hawaii beaches, western US coastline*
japanese journalist accuses israel of fukushima sabotage*

reports say US infiltrating mexican drug cartels*

mexicans complain about US infiltration of cartels*
drug war begins in the bathroom*

gold up as eu deal sinks dollar*

dollar shaky after pummelling, italy debt sale eyed*
cheers, skepticism greet europe deal;
eu deal boosts markets despite lingering questions
france to unveil new austerity measures*
supercommittee deficit deal still far apart*
fmr goldman director surrenders over ‘biggest insider trading scandal’; with gupta arrest, insider inquiry goes beyond wall st*

gaddafi buried in ‘secret desert grave’;
unmarked to avoid creating shrine*

before US-nato invasion, libya had highest human development index,
lowest infant mortality, highest life expectancy in all of africa
flashback: gaddafi reportedly killed as western-backed ‘liberation’ continues*
US-syrian relations devolve further as ambassadors are pulled out*

the dark side of halloween –
the kind of stuff that real life nightmares are made of

mom awarded nearly $1.4m in baby-decapitation case*
body of woman missing since 1983 possibly found in freezer*
body of woman found hanged at mansion exhumed*
man thought to be gacy victim found alive in florida*

obamessiah updates:
“we can’t wait”: white house hopes latest slogan catches on*

the birthers eat their own; targeting gop sen. marco rubio of florida*
npr host steps aside to avoid conflict of interest with obama campaign*

oregon oddities:
#OccupyPortland attracting mentally ill, street kids*

1 dead after 2 planes crash near oregon state park*

police state updates:
#ows protesters find cities’ patience wearing thin*

‘i mooned the queen’: australian protester charged after flashing monarch*
new street lights to have dhs apps including speakers, video surveillance, emergency alerts*
video: fascism 2 ‘intellistreets’*
fema kicks off first regional private sector conference in bay area: “what’s in it for me?”*

wv worry:
official convicted in west virginia mine disaster*

mcdowell deputy arrested on misdemeanor charges*
interior sec. salazar recognizes two outdoor attractions: canaan valley & new river gorge*

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