1/13 newspurge: good, clean fun for the whole damn family

9/11 updates:
backup national communications system 'miraculously' switched to 'exercise mode' on 9/10backup national communications system ‘miraculously’ switched to ‘exercise mode’ on 9/10*
deutsche’s toxic tower finally coming down*

more mass die-off’s?*
birds fall from sky in california, thousands of dead fish found in chicago*
flashback: the mystery of dead birds & fish*
earth’s magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds linked to mysterious bird deaths*
weather control is no myth: scientists engineer thunderstorms over abu dhabi*
video: kirk cameron says dead birds aren’t the end of the world*
17 other things that have fallen from the sky*
deep water: the devastating flood of brisbane*
‘four loko’ will now fuel cars, not mayhem*
oregon’s umatilla depot to increase weapons destruction rate*
epa blows up industry’s plan to blow up a mountaintop in west virginia*
8 ‘conspiracy theories’ about health that mainstream media admits are true*

jfk ambulance up for auction; transported kennedy from andrews afb to bethesda naval hospital*
jfk library opens largest online digitized presidential archive*
heil hound: nazis dogged by mocking mutt*

ashley w. turton: energy lobbyist, wife of key white house aide, dies in car fire with ‘unusual circumstances’*
another bmw explodes in arlington; 1 day & 6 miles apart*
wheeler involved in barksdale-minot incident*

obamessiah updates:
an undivided state of the union?:
mixed seating stunt for jan27 speech*
rahm’s brother zeke leaves the white house, too*
oops: new okla. gov. swears to ‘offend’ the constitution*
flashback: obama’s 1st day, 2nd oath & 3rd world war*
associated press settles copyright lawsuit against shepard fairey*

despite media headlines, pentagon spending is up, not down*
lockheed martin reaches deeply into US govt*
theater of war to play at pentagon: another afghanistan marathon in 7hrs of plays*

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