11/3 newspurge: this is not a test

new hole in fukushima reactor 2*

japan govt confirms detection of radioactive xenon in reactor no. 2*
fission detected at fukushima*
under pressure from journalists, japanese mp drinks fukushima water*
anti-nuclear fasting continues in india*
giant new plutonium complex at los alamos*
man going for newspaper swallowed by sinkhole*
dutch psychologist admits he made up research data*
videos: overpopulation, the making of a myth &
implementation of population control programs in china*
anthrax attack widow settles $50m lawsuit*
glaxo to pay $3b in US settlement on sales, marketing practices*

anonymous confusion in ‘clash’ with mexican drug cartel*

documents show reaction to atf’s ‘wide receiver’ & ‘fast and furious*
76 held over ‘massive’ US-mexico drug ring*
video: ‘operation pipeline express’ drug arrests*

fmr gov. corzine’s wall street firm mf global under investigation; hundreds of millions of dollars in question*

bank of america retreats on debit fee, citing uproar*
fed lowers growth outlook, sees 8.6% unemployment*
US jobless claims fall to 5-week low; coinciding with start of occupy?*
anglo american ends oppenheimers’ de beers dynasty*

’11/23/63′ by stephen king:
a race across time to stop assassin & fall in love

jfk’s iconic ‘ask not’ speech inspired by choate prep school headmaster?*

burn, media, burn! why we destroy comics, records & tv’s*

fbi classifies juggalos as a ‘gang’*
rights activists decry US film deal in china*
zooey deschanel, husband ben gibbard separate*
gwar guitarist found dead on tour bus*
tom keith, ‘prairie home companion’ sound guy, dies at 64*
legendary character actor charles napier dead at 75*
video: beryl davis, british-born big band singer, dies at 87*

‘baseline killer’: mark goudeau guilty on all murder counts; awaits sentencing*

in dallas area, 4 attacks linked by victims’ sorority membership*
judge unremorseful after video beating of daughter goes viral*

strong obama support only among young voters*

obama advisers fret over pipeline’s political risks*
hillary clinton’s mother, dorothy rodham, dies at 92*

oregon oddities:
portland tv news ‘accidentally’ calls occupiers ‘stinky people’*

portland tv news 'accidentally' calls occupiers 'stinky people'video: 27 occupy portland protesters arrested in jamison square*
four men arrested at occupy portland camps* michael moore visits occupy portland protesters
portland pedestrian stabbed by man dressed as woman*
portland police arrest zombie after vandalism at bank of america*
oregon lawn-chair balloonist plans baghdad flight*
if oregon police record your traffic stop, it’s legal to make your own*

police state updates:
dismal tale(s) of arrest for tiniest of crimes*

why is US using x-ray security scanners europe rejects as unsafe?*
video: hotel guests recruited with homeland security tv spots*

obama plows on with plans to end iraq, afghan wars*

top military officers warn about effects of potential spending cuts*
US soldier held in alaska on suspicion of spying*

west virginia worry:
dupont must prove no contamination from wv site*

wv coal exports deliver strong tax revenues*
(another) parkersburg police officer facing battery charge*
wv files lawsuit seeking immediate withdrawal from big east*

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