11/5 newspurge: media, murder, war & more

abc’s v: goebbels would be proud*
abc’s v: goebbels would be proudor: abc series ‘v’: invading, fascist lizards arrive with ‘universal health care’ & ‘message of hope’ – portrays aliens, hell-bent on destroying planet earth, as the obama administration*
alfred p. sloan’s monetization of ‘democracy’*
lady gaga, the illuminati puppet – part 2*
record labels keep blaming p2p, but it’s a hard sell*

6 bodies found in rapist’s cleveland home – and then 10 bodies found in ohio house of horrors* in pictures: ‘US cleveland serial killings’*
mexican farm-workers activist, 14 others slain*
uk nuclear expert’s 17th floor un death plunge ‘was not suicide’*
frat must pay oregon homeless man for shooting*

ray mcgovern: kipling haunts obama’s afghan war*
mcchrystal’s explanation for tillman coverup is ‘preposterous’*
air force: ‘overwhelm enemy cognitive abilities’ with bioscience*
75% of potential recruits too fat, too sickly, too dumb to serve*
antiwar demonstrators cut fence at sub base*

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