12/1 pop occulture: good spirits & the last taboo

an evil force lurks among us*

an evil force lurks among us

preachers confront ‘last taboo’:
condemning greed amid great recession
billy graham in ‘good spirits’ in hospital*
video: israel’s anti-US ads not kosher*
iran’s leaders believe ‘end of days’ here*
3 in s. african court for church attack plot*
uk cops hunt relative of ‘demonic women’*
therapist ‘brainwashed’ woman to think she was in satanic cult; is castlewood center in st-louis a mind control site?*
woman ‘imprisoned’ on scientology ship for 12yrs; church denounces claim*
cop accused of theft uses paranormal defense*
kentucky church bans interracial couples*
pat robertson says that the peace sign is a broken, upside down cross*
yoga is the work of the devil*
‘harry potter & yoga are evil’, says catholic church exorcist*
new film to highlight mystery of elvis’ faith*
video: new ‘devil inside’ ad is creepy, unsurprising*
a second look at: ‘american horror story’*
the satanic ritual stabbing retrospective*
video: who was missing from obama’s thanksgiving day message?*
update: obama delivers very christian message at christmas tree lighting*

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