1/6 newspurge: canary in a coalmine

9/11 updates:
11 reasons why the threat from al-qaeda is not real*
nfl’s mark stepnoski to match ‘building what?’ donations*
audio: susan lindauer, ex-cia asset & imprisoned 9/11 whistleblower*

all the health news for 2011, pre-written for your convenience*
2010 in review: what happened with health freedom*
research linking autism, vaccines slammed as ‘elaborate fraud’*

holy hexes:
video: catholics christmas communion came with hepatitis a*
video: catholics christmas communion came with hepatitis akiller psalm? bible verse deemed as threat on obama’s life*
romanian witches use spells to protest new taxes*
ihop restaurant chain drops suit against ihop church*

video: homeless ted williams’ turnaraound: how faith helped uncover a ‘golden voice’*
music industry on life support: what boomed in 2010? vinyl*
fmr covert cia agent charged with leaking secrets to newspaper*
pete postlethwaite, british actor in ‘usual suspects’, dies at 64*
per oscarsson, swedish millennium trilogy star, feared dead after house fire*
video: investigation into death of notorious b.i.g. heats up*

first school shooting of 2011:
omaha vice-principal killed by son of police detective

1 man dead after officer-involved shooting in se portland*
man attacked by kids at l’enfant metro in dc: bystanders watch, film it*
ex says: woman who died at busch home had heart issue*

obamessiah updates:
anti-obama heckler disrupts reading of US constitution*
press sec. robert gibbs to leave obama white house*
obama picks william daley as chief of staff*
obama appoints ultimate wall street insiders to top posts … again*

police state int’l:
will it be a happy new year for nwo resistance?*
will it be a happy new year for nwo resistance?‘integrated platforms’ (mobile prison guard towers) coming to wal-mart*
napolitano gets air security tips in israel*
guerrero, mexico starts new year with 10 murders including diplomat*
miami-dade police buy drones*
utah’s $1.5b cybersecurity center groundbreaking under way; to be completed oct 2013*
20 government tips for surviving a nuclear attack*
brooklyn bus depot terror scare over mysterious filming of gas tanks*
capitol hill evacuated due to unauthorized aircraft*
coffee spill diverts united airlines flight, transport canada says*
florida professor arrested for having a ‘suspicious’ bagel on a plane*
breaking: packages explode in 2 maryland state buildings*

over 10,000 died in afghan violence in 2010*
US sending 1,400 more marines to afghanistan*
with air force’s new drone, ‘we can see everything’*
too big to fail lockheed martin’s “got their fingers everywhere” says author*
US officials: white house picks special-ops chief*
glenn close: use of my image in navy video ‘insulting’*

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