2012, A Planet Up For Grabs

2012, A Planet Up For GrabsThe realities of our world are often stranger than fiction. Rich Anders writes every 3,500 years there’s an opportunity for change.  In his 2010 article, 2012 A Planet Up For Grabs,” Anders shares his alternative views on reality. Anders sets foundation by informing us “universe is primarily a spiritual structure”.

“The universe is a threefold structure: A world is the sum total of all the spiritual situations on a planet, which determines what life is like. Electromagnetic energy permeates everything: from the location of cosmic bodies: orbits, rings of matter to regulating important body functions. A planet is the physical base for worlds. It is the material plane where life is lived.”

The writer supplies science to support his argument, “…string theory provides the explanation for changes of worlds”:

“…matter oscillates between stages as particles of matter and strings of energy. The electromagnetic field breaks down when it is changed in its structure because of a an explosion of an asteroid or comet hitting the Earth or a major volcanic eruption. It re-establishes itself instantly in the changed configuration, as the change occurs in the energy phase and in the realm of energy there is no time. The planet’s new electromagnetic charge allocates to the planet a new orbit. This actually is like electrons jumping orbits when they receive or emit photons, quanta of energy, as nature’s laws are the same for the macrocosm as for the microcosm. As the evidence shows known changes of worlds occurred after cosmic impacts with very big explosions or major volcanic eruptions.”

Anders offers a plausible alternative as to nature of reality if reader can suspend judgement not dismiss it out of hand without further consideration.  Anders describes this pivotal moment “change of worlds”:

A change of worlds means that one world dematerializes and another one materializes on the surface of a planet. Such change occurs when a planet’s electromagnetic field experiences a major change because of the impact respectively explosion of a cosmic body or because of a major volcanic eruption and breaks down. – A planet’s orbit is determined by its electromagnetic charge. When this charge changes the planet jumps orbit and a change of worlds occurs.

The author goes on to provide a brief history:

“Approximately 6,000 years ago the planet in the orbit, which now is occupied by the asteroid belt, exploded. This was the home planet of highly intelligent beings who called themselves the gods. The invasion from space was the beginning of human civilization…The five clans of the gods fought for supremacy over the planet. The Serpent Clan was victorious but the dragon clan still survived even though there were not many of its members left.”

Anders makes clear the last opportunity for a “change of worlds,” did not go as planned:

“The Serpent Clan initiated a change of worlds 3,500 years ago. The Atlanteans, gods who had come to this planet at an earlier time, interfered and made the present world a world for humans only by programming a material dimension, which gods could not live in. Therefore, at the time of the change the forces of nature unleashed killed all gods and deities on the surface of the planet. Some members of the dragon clan and the Serpent Clan survived in space ships. Most of the Atlanteans disintegrated together with their world and presently exist in energetic form in a parallel world. Several Atlanteans stayed back to be killed and thereby be able to become incarnated in the new world.”

Anders informs next pivotal moment or opportunity for “change of worlds,” occurs December 21, 2012. The writer observes, “…it is clear that the main weapons in this war for possession of the planet are religion and politics.” You can read article,”Message of Hope,” to find out what comes after!  You can listen to recent Anders interview on UFO Encounters Live, where theories are discussed.

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