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#MixlrMusic: April 8, 2016

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#MixlrMusic: April 8, 2016Media Monarchy DJ's live every weekday from 12-1pm PT on Today we played:

Emergency Broadcast Network - "3.7.8." (Rise Robots Rise Westworld Remix)
Beastie Boys - "Benny And the Jets" (w/Biz Markie)/"The Biz Vs. The Nuge" (w/Biz Markie)/"Time For Livin'" (Live)
Ben Fold Five - "Song For The Dumped"
Vampire Weekend - "Oxford Comma"
Super Furry Animals - "Juxtaposed With U"
Clinic - "Come Into Our Room"
Tortoise - "Prepare your Coffin"
Orb - "Delta MKII"
Suede - "Money"
Morrissey - "You Know I Couldn't Last" (Live)
INXS - "Just Keep Walking"

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#MixlrMusic: April 8, 2016