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#MorningMonarchy: July 19, 2016

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#MorningMonarchy: July 19, 2016Online overreach, money masters and cloud cops + this day in history w/Paris Métro and our song of the day by Nite Jewel on your Morning Monarchy for July 19, 2016.


Donald Trump Entered The RNC To A Queen Song, And The Internet Was Having None Of It

Michelle Obama Copied Alinsky in Speech Melania Trump Allegedly Plagiarized

"Did Saul Alinsky, an Obama influence, really dedicate/acknowledge Rules for Radicals to Lucifer?"

Why there are so many conspiracy theories about the Turkish coup?

Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt: A CIA-Gulen Concocted Dry Run

North Korea's radio broadcast of string of mysterious numbers is possible code

Flashback: Ground Zero on North Korea and Numbers Stations: "Communumbers II: Fluid Transmission" (Apr. 9, 2013)

Nintendo's Pokémon Go-inspired surge has run its course, Deutsche Bank says

Yahoo's Latest Earnings Report Basically Confirms That Tumblr Purchase Was a Waste of Money

When Yahoo Ruled the Valley: Stories of the Original ‘Surfers’

Court Approves Class Action Suit against Apple for Theft of Private Consumer Data

Surprise Court Win for Microsoft to Shield Stored Overseas User Data from U.S. Government

Google deletes artist’s blog and a decade of his work

@PayPal's Okay If [You] Don't Know It Owns @Venmo (Audio)

Algorithms are being used all over the country to find future criminals

Is the Justice department using old computer tech to frustrate FOIA requests?

NSA Claims Olympics Spying Allegation is “Implausible”… but No Denial

Big Brother wants to create 17.5 million spying motorists

In First, U.S. Judge Throws Out Cell Phone ‘stingray’ Evidence

Taser plans to livestream police body camera footage to the cloud by 2017

'Strange Days' Trailer (Audio)

First image released from world’s biggest radio telescope ‘better than expected’

A broken telescope just discovered 104 new planets

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Cops & Community Throw BBQ Instead Of Protest + Learning Outside & Just Don't Look

#ThisDayInHistory: #July19 w/Mary Rose sinks, Manhattan burns, Paris Métro opens, Sandinista coup, 3D CT head + Lizzie Borden, Max Fleischer, George Hamilton IV, Bernie Leadon, Brian May birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Nite Jewel – "You Now" (Audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: July 19, 2016