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#MorningMonarchy: February 16, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: February 16, 2017Fake predictions, unsolved crimes and the twinning + this day in history w/Britney shaves her head and our song of the day by The Holy on your Morning Monarchy for February 16, 2017.


Trump Death Prediction Fake

Name Game: Flynn

Passengers Flee United Flight After "Unstable" Pilot Goes Off On Bizarre Trump, Clinton Rant

Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples favorite "cult" the Kabbalah Cebtre has opened new branch in D.C.

John Podesta, Peter Levenda and a couple of UFO guys at a UFO thing July 2016; photo taken 20 days before pizza-related WikiLeaks

#PedoFiles: Jerry #Sandusky’s son arrested for child sex assault

‘Help me kill my wife,’ man wrote in text mistakenly sent to ex-boss instead of hitman

"Windigo" Case Update

A jury convicted a deli shop clerk as the perpetrator of NY’s most famous unsolved crime

CIA Files Reveal Decades of US Intel on Iran Came from Hundreds of CIA Psychics

#NorthKorea leader’s half-brother killed by ‘poison needles’ in Malaysia, reports claim 🇰🇵💉

Italy: Ancient death rituals uncovered in 13,000-year-old painting stones

Inside the bizarre 1960s cult, The Family: LSD, yoga and UFOs

Trump is basically a Scientologist, says Leah Remini, sort of

More #TWINNING: Clooney & wife are reportedly having twins (Audio)

Pat Robertson: Deliver Your Child From ‘Demonic’ Goth Culture (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #February16 w/Britney shaves her head

+ #Hezbollah, #Demjanjuk, ODB on #ThisDayInHistory: #February16

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode014 (Feb. 16, 2017)

Flashback: Auditors: Billions squandered in Iraq (Feb. 16, 2017)

Flashback: AEI: the root of Bush’s right-wing ideology (Feb. 16, 2017)

Flashback: CIA agents to stand trial for kidnapping // ‘Doomsday’ vault design unveiled // Armed US police could be on London streets // "Empire of oil: The hidden history of 9/11" // FBI caught running top Nazi group (Feb. 16, 2017)

+ Sonny Bono, Kim Jong-il, Margaux Hemingway, Elizabeth Olsen birthdays on #ThisDayInHistory: #February16

#PumpUpThaVolume: The Holy - "Ramses The Evil Brother" (audio)

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