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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2017

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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2017Acid attacks, cardinal cover-up and another end of the world + this day in history w/the flight of the Superfortress and our song of the day by Trevor Something on your Morning Monarchy for September 21, 2017.


Money for nothing? Swiss startup sells bottled fresh Alpine air to residents of polluted cities

Americans in #Marseille (France) on vacation attacked with hydrochloric acid

Four College Students To Continue Traveling Abroad After #AcidAttack in Europe (Audio)

Cannibal killer shot by police after refusing to stop eating woman he beheaded

Jury Finds Girl in Slender Man Stabbing Attack Was Mentally Ill

Jury Finds Girl Mentally Ill in `#Slenderman' Killing (Audio)

Judge denies release of recorded interviews with Manson cult member

Entire Volume #CIA Files On #LeeHarveyOswald, Set to Be Released in October 'Gone Missing'

Iceland PM Calls Snap Vote as Pedophile Furor Crashes Coalition

Iceland PM calls for snap election over a scandal involving his father (Audio)

French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin will go on trial in April for alleged child abuse cover-up in the 1980s

Jeffrey Sandusky pleads guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuse

Sandusky son pleads guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuse (Audio)

A New Jersey man won a $338 million Powerball jackpot. Now he's charged with sexually assaulting a child

Victims demand plaque depicting sex offender be removed from St Mary's Catholic Cathedral in #Hobart

Worst of Catholic sexual abuse scandal still to come in developing world

Polygamous sect leader pleads guilty in escape, fraud case

After Honeypreet, Vipassana vanishes from Dera, Jasmeet to chair Ram Rahim's sect

Numerologists predict the world will end this Saturday

Jogger nicknamed ‘The Mad Pooper’ wanted for defecating in front yards (Audio)

Elisabeth Moss Says Scientology Hasn't Impacted Her Success in Hollywood

Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Producer Murdered in Mexico

Location Scout for Netflix's '#Narcos' Shot Dead in Mexico (Audio)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Government Sues Citizens for Requesting Information

#ThisDayInHistory: #September21 w/the B-29 #Superfortress debuts in Seattle in 1942 (Audio)

+ #TheHobbit, #MartialLaw45, #DOMA, #RossParker, #Galileo

Flashback: Mystery Trades Were Profit Scam for Fearmongers (Sep. 21, 2007)

Flashback: 10,000 CCTV Cameras, 80% of Crime Unsolved (Sep. 21, 2007)

Flashback: Two Russian Strategic Bombers Fly Along Alaska, Canada Coasts (Sep. 21, 2007)

+ #LeonardCohen, #DonFelder, #PhilTaylor, #LiamGallagher birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Trevor Something - "Suicide" (audio)

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#MorningMonarchy: September 21, 2017