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#MorningMonarchy: November 15, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: November 15, 2018Final destination, battlefield earth and surviving Jonestown + this day in history w/In Cold Blood and our song of the day by Lil Peep on your Morning Monarchy for November 15, 2018.


Man asked animals to eat zookeeper, police say

Oldest known animal drawing found in remote Indonesian cave. 40,000 yrs

DNA of world's oldest mummy unlocks secrets of ice age tribes in Americas

VIDEO: "I thought it was a ghost but it turned out to be a flower." Indonesian farmer finds a rare 'corpse flower' growing in his palm oil plantation on the island of Sumatra (Audio)

The Paramount Ranch, the set for the TV show "Westworld" and many other films, is left in ruins by the Woolsey fire in Agoura Hills, California

Massive 19-car pileup on Hwy 1 and Ocean St. in Santa Cruz; crews en route

Miley Cyrus is reportedly filming an episode of ‘Black Mirror’

GQ cover featuring Serena Williams as Woman of the Year sparks controversy

Michael Avenatti Arrested For Beating His Wife

#HolyHexes! I think you just solved the #Qmystery. We should all go back and re-read every #Crumb and apply 33 and I am sure some magical number is going to come out of it all. Wasn't #Trump going to give justice for 9-11 too? Or did I get that wrong?

Reports of an active shooter in the area is Broadway and Gibson. @ABQPOLICE say At least 3 people were shot.

California Shooter Likely Prescribed Drugs by the VA that are Tied to Most Mass Shootings

Survived A Mass Shooting, Killed At Another

#California shooting: "I don't want prayers. I want gun control." (Audio)

Cleveland area hospital employees warned to stay hidden due to 'potential active shooter' situation

Oh, he prolly just needs some more of those psycho meds that most of the shooters are on 💊

#Florida man is #arrested on suspicion of manufacturing enough of the #explosive that #AlQaeda dubbed '#MotherOfSatan' to 'blow up the block'

How fear of 'witchcraft' is ruining young lives in Nigeria

Couple who named baby after Hitler found guilty of being part of neo-Nazi terror group

Vatican Orders U.S. Bishops To Halt Voting On Child Sex Abuse Reform Measures; Vatican Order A Surprise At Last Minute To U.S. Conference Of Catholic Bishops

Alleged clergy sex abuse and coverup at a prominent D.C. parish puts spotlight on Catholic religious orders

#Anchorage child psychologist #RussellCherry sentenced for child pornography possession

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Suri Is Morphing Into Him And Heartbroken Katie Holmes Wants Him In The Child’s Life

Scientology fundraising throws in a little conspiracy-mongering for effect (Audio)

Records of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s speeding tickets contain a small surprise

Jehovah's Witnesses Recount Stories of Abuse, Estrangement in Leah Remini-Hosted Special

New Mexico Sect Co-Leader Pleads No Contest to Abuse Charges

Toronto-bound plane crash lands in Guyana and ends up in a sandbank

40th Anniv: 11.18.1978 – In Jonestown, Guyana, Jim Jones tells his Peoples Temple to kill themselves, taking 918 lives, w/909 in Jonestown, including 270+ children. Rep Leo Ryan is killed by Peoples Temple “soldiers” hrs earlier. Grape Flavor-Aid, not Kool Aid used.~@CryptoLoren

The Ballad of Jim Jones: From Socialist Cult ‘Messiah’ to Mass-Killing Monster

Surviving Jonestown

This New Jim Jones Cult Leader Documentary Looks Like A Goodie

"#Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle" Trailer (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November15 w/The 1959 murders of the Clutter Family in Holcomb, #Kansas, which inspired #TrumanCapote's non-fiction book '#InColdBlood' (Audio)

+ #ShermansMarch, NBC radio on, Freemason #FDR lays masonic cornerstone of Jeff. Mem., #Elvis' film debut in '#LoveMeTender', #K19 collision, @Bunnymen live debut, '#LicenseToIll', #Bowie on B'way

+ #GeorgiaOKeefe, #WAverellHarriman, #CurtisLeMay,, #CWMcCall, #EdAsner, #JGBallard, #PetulaClark, #MachoMan/#RandySavage, #ODB/#OLDIRTYBASTARD, @ShaileneWoodley birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Lil Peep - "Sex with My Ex" ("Official" version) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: November 15, 2018