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#MorningMonarchy: December 13, 2018

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#MorningMonarchy: December 13, 2018Inevitable threats, dark fluids and true stories + this day in history w/Al Gore's concession speech and our song of the day by Jon Spencer on your Morning Monarchy for December 13, 2018.


Window washer plummets to his death from Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Boy dies after getting electrocuted by wearing headphones while charging

US lawmakers examine Native women's deaths, disappearances

Inevitable threat? Strasbourg gunman was on terror watch list, had grenades at home

Strasbourg Christmas Market Shooting

French Police Imposing Nationwide Dragnet For Alleged #Strasbourg Shooter #CherifChekatt (Audio)

Gunman goes on rampage during mass in cathedral, kills 5 & takes own life in Brazil

Pen-pal of Charleston church shooter arrested in pipeline bomb plot sting in Ohio

Russian serial killer Mikhail Popkov stands inside a cage in court in Irkutsk. He murdered 78 women - targeting those who were drunk or living in a way he saw as immoral

Man Who Drove Van Through Crowd in Charlottesville Sentenced to Life in Prison

Dummy of dead son lying on couple's #Jamaica hotel bed a result of 'misunderstanding' by staff

Nuns misappropriated $500K in school funds, spending some on gambling

Orthodox Rabbis Accused Of 'Mafia-Like' Tactics In Blacklisting Lesbian Comic From Kosher Restaurants

Teacher accused of cutting student's hair in bizarre viral video pleads not guilty

Kalitopia teacher arrested after cutting student's hair (Audio)

Man yells 'there's no Santa' at Florida holiday event

Group of Santas brawling in the stree

A New Theory Unifies Dark Matter and Dark Energy as a ‘Dark Fluid’ With Negative Mass

Hypnosis, truth drugs and remote-operated dogs: Declassified papers on CIA’s 'mind control' research

Declassified: Gruesome Secret Surgeries Successful. Result? Remote Controlled FrankenDogs!

The Doctor Who Allegedly Sexually Abused Over 1,000 Victims, And How The Rockefeller Institute Covered It Up For Decades

Colombian Police Arrest Six Israelis in Alleged Sex Trafficking Ring

Police prevent underage ultra-Orthodox wedding in Jerusalem; bride-to-be is 13

Cyprus president apologizes for pardoning sex offender, who happened to be the director of the Cypriot oil company Petrolina

John #Podesta Is Ready to Talk About #Pizzagate; The former Clinton campaign chairman is among the victims still recovering from a vile conspiracy theory that ended in gunfire

Judge Tosses Allison Mack’s Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

WMG CEO Stephen Cooper once had ties to alleged sex cult Nxivm

'It will kill me' - behind the devastating Avicii documentary

#AVICII: TRUE STORIES - Official Trailer (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #December13 w/@AlGore concedes 2000 presidential (s)election (Audio)

+ "An American in Paris", #RapeOfNanking, Haile Selassie deposed, #Apollo17 moonwalk, "#SlowRide", @PhilCollinsFeed on #MiamiVice, Krist & Dave sue Courtney, #Saddam caught, #Arapahoe HS shooting

Flashback: Bondage Babe Bettie Page Dies At 85 (Dec 13, 2008)

+ #VanHeflin, #DickVanDyke, #ChristopherPlummer, #JohnDavidson, Jeff SPOOK Baxter, #TedNugent, #TomVerlaine, #TomVilsack, #SteveBuscemi, @TomDelonge, Tay Tay birthdays

#NewWorldNextWeek: Pesticide Pimps Bet on Brexit Bonanza

#PumpUpThaVolume: Jon Spencer - "Trash Can" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: December 13, 2018