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#MorningMonarchy: February 27, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: February 27, 2019Little fingers, dirty liquors and zombie venison + this day in history w/the Reichstag fire and our song of the day by Trevor Moore on your Morning Monarchy for February 27, 2019.


Integrated Biometrics lays out challenge and proposes solution for fingerprinting children

Sperm-Bank Mom Runs Into DNA Nightmare; Danielle Teuscher contacts donor's family after #DNA test, gets breach of contract notice in return

In the age of home #DNA tests, is sperm donor anonymity possible? (Audio)

Senator to Agencies: What Are You Doing to Secure Health Tech?

Weak men more likely to be socialists, study claims

‘Arrested Several Times For Feeding The Hungry,’ Champion Of The Poor Arnold Abbott Dies At 94

Why Salt Lake City is paying for snow this winter

Utility to pay $119.5 million settlement after massive 2015 natural gas leak

Arizona House Panel Votes to Expand Vaccine Exemptions Amid Ongoing Measles Outbreak

A jury in federal court in San Francisco will decide whether Roundup weed killer caused a man's cancer. Monsanto says the active ingredient is safe.


(Another) Study Finds Traces Of Weed Killer #Glyphosate In Popular Beers And Wines

84 killed after drinking toxic bootleg liquor in #India, around 200 others hospitalized

Dutch customs intercept 90,000 bottles of vodka destined for Kim Jong-un

PepsiCo is laying off corporate employees as the company commits to millions of dollars in severance pay, restructuring, and 'relentlessly automating'

Tilray buys hemp food maker Manitoba Harvest for $317M

Kraft Heinz Faces Existential Crisis After $16 Billion Rout

In 1991, US-made products represented more than half of all clothing bought in the country; today it is around 3%. Can one company - American Giant - turn that around?

As Yellowstone Awakens, Dr. Michio Kaku Warns That It Could "Literally Tear The Guts Out Of The United States Of America"

Discarded deadlines let polluted plume from military base spread unchecked

Dog and giant 70-pound tortoise named Godzilla rescued from hole

Lab-grown meat could be worse for the environment than beef

NASA Researchers Almost Created Life Out of Minerals in Lab Experiment

Gene-Edited CRISPR Twins May Have Supercharged Brains, And Silicon Valley Wants In On It

#CRISPR Baby Experiment May Have Brain Enhancements (Audio)

Eating 'zombie' deer meat is safe, researchers say

Close up video of an infected deer '#ZombieDeer disease' #CWD

Study links unhealthy diet to mental illness in California adults

"'How does your diet impact mental health?' We'll be back with the answer after a word from our big pharma phood paymasters ... stay tuned!" (Audio)

Sally Mayweather Meme: Green New Deal, People Unwilling to Work and Taxpayers

#ThisDayInHistory: #February27 w/#Germany's parliament building in #Berlin, the #Reichstag, is set on fire; #Nazis used the fire to solidify their power and eliminate the communists as political rivals. (Audio)

+ @UKLabour formed, @FCBayernEN formed, #Bearcreek mine disaster, #22A limits #AmericasNextTopPresident to 2 seasons, #PinkFloyd recorded "#ArnoldLayne", AIM occupies #WoundedKnee

+ #PoppyBush claims "#KuwaitIsLiberated", #Godhra train burning, #ShokoAsahara sentenced, #ChineseCorrection, #Menznau shooter, #BorisNemtsov assassinated

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode112B (Feb. 27, 2009)

Flashback: Rocky Mountain News, Colorado’s Oldest Paper, Folds After 150 Years (Feb. 27, 2009)

Flashback: Pentagon overturns ban on coffin photos // Pentagon to allow media photos of war dead // Cusack: Coffin photo ban “most cowardly political act” (Feb. 27, 2009)

+ #DavidSarnoff, #JohnSteinbeck, #JohnConnally, #DexterGordon, #JoanneWoodward, #ElizabethTaylor, #HowardHesseman, #LeeAtwater, #NealSchon, #JohnnyVanZant, #AdamBaldwin, #NastySuicide birthdays

+ #DonalLogue, #DerrenBrown, #ChelseaClinton, #JoshGroban, #KateMara birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Trevor Moore - "Gays Got Married" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: February 27, 2019