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#MorningMonarchy: May 17, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: May 17, 2019Doris dead, Britney fears and Neo-Tokyo is about to e.x.p.l.o.d.e. + this day in history w/Peter KISS and our song of the day by Hollywood Vampires on your Morning Monarchy for May 17, 2019.


Grumpy Cat, viral internet sensation, dies aged 7

Pro wrestler, 51, who starred in Jack Black film collapses and dies at packed London event

Beloved mother to Kidada & Rashida Jones, former wife of Quincy Jones, actress Peggy Lipton has died at age 72. Twin Peaks & Mod Squad fans mourn her passing.

DECADES TV Network Will Air “The Mod Squad” Marathon in Memory of Peggy Lipton


Jim Fowler, former host of 'Wild Kingdom,' dies at 89

'Spider-Man' screenwriter and Oscar winner Alvin Sargent, 92, dies of natural causes at Seattle home

Remembering Doris Day, the box-office sensation and an unheralded trailblazer of the women's movement

Legendary Actress Doris Day Dies At 97 (Audio)

Isaac Kappy died after jumping off an Arizona bridge. He made headlines last summer after accusing many Hollywood elites (including Spielberg and Tom Hanks) of being pedophiles. He was also investigated by the LAPD for assaulting Paris Jackson and harassing Seth Green.

Judge orders evaluation of #BritneySpears' 11-year conservatorship

Britney Spears appears in court on Friday with her parents (Audio)

South Korean court to rule on whether K-pop star Seungri should be arrested over charges including prostitution in snowballing sex scandal

Paste Acquires NoiseTrade from Embattled Crowdfunding Platform PledgeMusic

'The Simpsons' Hits All-Time Low Viewership

This 'Sesame Street' Muppet will become the first to experience homelessness

Gold Coast animatronic marvels up for auction, rendered redundant by CGI

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Breaks Silence On High-Profile Disney Firing, & What He Learned From The Career Crisis That Followed

Woodstock 50 Financier Hits Back at Michael Lang With Blistering Legal Rebuttal

Woodstock 50 plans roll on; court nixes cancellation bid

Mel Gibson’s Rep. Claims Controversial ‘Rothchild’ Movie Is ‘Completely Unrelated’ to the Rothschild Family

John Lennon's copy of The Beatles "Butcher" album sells for £180,000

Morrissey performs on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ while wearing controversial For Britain badge

"Afraid management are not keen to provide advance music to the Guardian for this release".

Post-punk musician & punk rock journalist Vivien Goldman has been touring to promote her new book, "Revenge of the She-Punks," out now on @UTexasPress.

I canceled my Netflix/Prime years ago...

20th Century Fox was heavily criticised when it released an edited version of Bohemian Rhapsody in China, chopping all allusions to Freddie Mercury’s sexuality. Will the new Elton John biopic meet the same fate?


#NewMusicFriday: @TheNational go even bigger, @RSprachrohr get louder and @_DionneWarwick is back + @ComTruise, @HeadAndTheHeart, @JimmieVaughan, @CarlCraigNet & much more 🎼🎶 (CARLY RAE JEPSON, LIZZO, BRAD MEHLDAU, THE HEAVY, ALEX LAHEY)

#ThisDayInHistory: #May17 w/ Peter Criss leaves KISS in 1980 to pursue a solo career. (Audio)

+ #BrownvBoard, #DontLookBack, #Godspell opens, #Watergate TV, @NoDoubt sues #NoFear, #TheEagles sue a restaurant

Flashback: corbett report: episode086 – medical martial law // jim tucker on bilderberg '09: troublemakers convention // corbett report: daniel estulin on bilderberg 2009 (May 17, 2009)

Flashback: swine flu updates: theories, queries & phase 6 // who says swine flu not an accident from a lab // who to declare phase 6 on swine flu // swine flu hits india & turkey // flu could reschedule meccan hajj // cdc: flu virus 'not going away’ // swine flu strikes ny assistant principal // 1st legal action targets a pig farm // who says swine flu set to spread // ny schools in lockdown after mexican flu scare // cdc swine flu report is ‘gross underestimate'

updates from may20: swine flu may have infected more than 100,000 americans // new flu virtually everywhere in US now, cdc says // swine flu not yet a full-blown pandemic, uk & japan tell world health org // united nations to discuss swine flu vaccine // who may raise alert level as swine flu cases leap in japan // companies could vaccinate 4.9 billion against h1n1

updates from may21:
swine flu spreading in japan, forcing school closures // schools close in boston due to swine flu scare // US swine flu deaths hit double-digits // google: more people will die from swine flu if we cannot retain search data // who hesitates over declaring flu pandemic // prison outbreak? 4 more have swine flu at rikers // arsenic in contaminated water increases susceptibility to h1n1 influenza // mexico city lifts swine flu curbs // study detects flu immunity in older people

Flashback: ‘e-cigarette’ firm claims pharma industry behind proposed ban (May 17, 2009)

+ #ErikSatie, #MaureenOSullivan, #MarshallApplewhite, #DennisPotter, #DennisHopper, #TajMahal, #BillPaxton, #DaveSim, #SugarRayLeonard, #BobSaget, #PaulDiAnno, @official_enya, #PageMcConnell birthdays

+ #PageMcConnell of Helmet, #TrentReznor of @NineInchNails, #DaveAbbruzzese of @PearlJam, #JordanKnight of @NKOTB, #JoshHomme of @QOTSA birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Hollywood Vampires - "Who's Laughing Now" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: May 17, 2019