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#MorningMonarchy: July 17, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: July 17, 2019Dead end drive-thrus, weaponized ticks and cannabis cakes + this day in history w/Malaysian Air Flight 17 and our song of the day by Merle Haggard on your Morning Monarchy for July 17, 2019.


US Fast-Food Drive-Thrus Will Soon Use License Plate And Facial Recognition Technology

Fast food drive thru license plate readers (Audio)


Can You Hear It? #SonicDevices Play High-Pitched Noises To Repel #Teens 🔊

#MediaMonarchy Classic Flashback: Critics Attack Sonic Youth Blaster (Feb. 13, 2008)

'They Waited For Failure': Report Exposes PG&E's Inability To Replace Equipment That Sparked Deadly Wildfire

Earth's Ancient Life Forms Are Awakening After 40,000 Years in Permafrost

Bombshell Claim: Scientists Find "Man-made Climate Change Doesn't Exist In Practice"

Massive Loss Of Life": 3,500 Deaths As Simultaneous Ebola & Measles Outbreaks Hit Congo

10 Big Pharma firms paid more than $76-million last year to doctors, hospitals but reasons for payments not revealed

Prominent anti-vaxxers lose New York court case over religious exemptions

J&J to test experimental HIV vax

J&J Denials of Asbestos in Baby Powder Spur Criminal Probe

Google data mined by pharma giant to bombard users with ads for addictive #opioids

"They were like jelly beans" - How US #bigpharma is pushing opioids to regional #Australia

Farmers’ Markets Have New Unwelcome Guests: Fascists

Florida mom charged with felony after daughter licks tongue depressor, puts it back

Should Food Banks accept donations of Soylent?

Corporations Can Legally Put Carcinogens in Our Food Without Warning Labels

Why Budweiser Was Forced To Kill The Year's Biggest IPO

Lyme disease as a bio weapon. Pentagon Ordered to Tell Congress If It Weaponized Ticks And Released Them Into the Public

Big Move! Congress Orders Pentagon to Provide Info On Weaponizing Ticks (Audio)

Tennessee Police Department asks community not to flush drugs, citing gators and fowls possibly on meth

California to illegal pot shops: We’re coming for you

US gov’t growing a record 2-ton cannabis crop—but still won’t let others grow

Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Can Reduce Or Eliminate Epileptic Seizures In Kids

Dairy Queen baker accidentally confuses ‘Moana’ for ‘marijuana’ in birthday cake mishap

#Milledgeville, GA woman orders '#Moana' cake, gets #marijuana design (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #July17 w/Malaysia Airlines #Flight17, a Boeing 777, crashes near the border of #Ukraine and #Russia after being shot down in 2014, killing all 298 people on board. (Audio)

+ #TsarNicholasII executed, #PortChicago disaster, 1st @NewportJazzFest, #YellowSubmarine premiere, #GaryMoore left #ThinLizzy, @SmashingPumpkin's fire drummer, #TWA800 explodes, #TAM3054 crashes

Flashback: police state int’l: cctv, checkpoints, provocateurs & yoo // san fran suburb, tiburon, may install license plate cameras // big brother flies into antelope valley calif with 'crime-fighting' eyes // penn state police, ohio highway patrol, ny state police & US border patrol team up for 'traffic enforcement initiative' // july 4th parade + constitution = banned for life? // US launches review of terror warning system // terror alert system getting overhaul // IT central & dhs to debate over real id & the pass act // spy memo author yoo to america: no apologies for tapping you // india to issue 1.2b new biometric id cards // video: n. ireland rioters 'were bussed in to provoke violence' (Jul. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode131b (Jul. 17, 2009)

Flashback: Controlling the food supply - Two new federal reports released (Jul. 17, 2009)

Flashback: obamessiah & the apostles of war: birthers, eugenics & czars // ghana on obama: 'we want him to rule all african countries' // african media: obama returned to 'continent of his birth' // obama's teleprompter breaks in mid-speech // the suspicious dr. orly taitz gets the headlines: soldier balks at deploying; says obama isn't president // obama claims immunity, as new spy case takes center stage // admin moves toward revisiting bush anti-terror policies // senate democrats attach hate crimes law to defense bill // john holdren, obama's science czar, says: forced abortions, mass sterilization & a 'planetary regime' needed // update: holdren forced to respond to controversy over totalitarian population control proposals // and the change just keeps on a-coming: cass sunstein, obama's choice to head the 'white house office of information and regulatory affairs' wants to gag the internet // francis s collins, obama's pick to head the nat'l institutes of health, comes from the human genome project (which is connected to ibm & the watsons, etc) // hillary: cfr tells govt 'what we should be doing & how we should think about the future' // and finally, an important article w/ massive documentation: the population reduction agenda for dummies (Jul. 17, 2009)

Flashback: 7/16 newspurge // drugwar: suspected drug hitmen dump 12 bodies on mexico road // cele castillo ordered to report to federal prison // media/memes: jacko’s death more important than a million dead iraqis // jackson's death '2nd biggest story of century' // latoya jackson: 'michael was murdered' // report: latoya jackson says michael was murdered // jackson wanted to be cloned, driver says // michael jackson, dr. tohme tohme, frank dileo, colony capital & anschutz // video: militarized hip-hop // nytimes may charge for website access // collapse in illegal sharing & boom in streaming brings music to executives' ears // vatican gives new harry potter film its seal of approval // murder/mayhem: natalia estemirova: award-winning human rights campaigner murdered in chechnya // iran airliner crashes, 168 people feared dead // video: 168 killed in iran plane crash // 7 arrests made in florida couple's deaths // police shoot & kill man near US capitol // man shot dead near capitol after he fled a routine traffic stop // 3 killed in california plane crash // 2 suspects killed in new jersey shootout // starbucks bombing blamed on 'fight club' fancy // warwhores: picture this: f18 buzzes detroit apartment // 2 US marines killed in afghan bomb blasts // chopper shoot-down reveals deeper flaws in afghan ops // hate crimes trumps f22 // wv soldiers sue kbr for chemical exposure in iraq (Jul. 17, 2009)

Flashback: history/mystery: unspeakable, kennedys, elites & freemasons // oliver stone, the relaunch of 'jfk & the unspeakable' & 9/11 // flashback: 'jfk & the unspeakable' author speaks in portland // shocking revelations of US business & nazis // some suspect conspiracy in holocaust museum case // it's a very nice house in the country (but not for an orgy) // bohemian grove protest 2009 // freemasons jailed in fiji over sorcery claims // jfk jr.'s death: 10yrs later // video: 10yrs already since jfk jr died (Jul. 17, 2009)

Flashback: buy-local push prompts ontario grocers to go independent (Jul. 17, 2009)

+ #JohnJacobAstor, #FrankOlson, #ArtLinkletter, #RedSovine, #JimmyScott, #DiahannCarroll, #SpencerDavis, #DavidHasselhoff, #Merkel, #WongKarWai, Alex @Winter, #LouBarlow, @Doctorow, #LukeBryan birthdays

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Merle Haggard - "I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: July 17, 2019