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#MorningMonarchy: August 8, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: August 8, 2019Sha-clack-clack, other shooters and minor charges + this day in history w/Nixon resigns and our song of the day by Julia Jacklin on your Morning Monarchy for August 8, 2019.


DEVELOPING: Several bulls found mutilated inside Oregon national forest

Trump Effect: Cop on horse pulls black man on leash in Galveston Texas

Social media explodes after Galveston officer on horseback escorts cuffed man with rope

Montana man accused of fracturing 13-year-old’s skull for not removing hat during national anthem

Spokane anesthesiologist’s death was accident from alcohol, drug complications, medical examiner says // His body was found burned and dismembered and the medical examiner's office don't explain how that happened?

Canadian police say 2 bodies found; believed to be those of teen fugitives suspected of 3 killings

Brazil prisoner who almost escaped in 'teen girl' disguise is found hanged to death

Four strikingly similar attacks on women in California and Illinois were all planned and executed by a skilled serial killer who studied the lives and homes of victims who lived near him before savagely stabbing them, a prosecutor said Tuesday

Follow the Dots: MKUltra and the El Paso Shooting

Op-Ed: We have studied every mass shooting since 1966. Here’s what we’ve learned about the shooters // Haven’t read the article. Here are two #HolyHexes guesses. 1) Father works as government contractor or psychiatry field. 2) Perpetrator is on a shit-ton of pharmaceuticals.

El Paso eye witness describes 4 men all dressed in black as shooters (Audio)

Ohio Conducted Disaster Response Exercise, August 3-7

Dayton shooter Connor Betts appeared to have leftist @Twitter feed

Hole In The Wall: Dalton Gang to Dayton, Ohio

Chicago shootings leave 40 shot, 3 fatally; Mt. Sinai Hospital closes emergency room

FBI: Media 'wrong' on Garlic Festival shooter's white supremacy ideology, despite IG post

Gunmaker asks US Supreme Court to hear Sandy Hook appeal

The FBI Declared QAnon a Domestic Terrorism Threat — and Conspiracy Theorists Are Psyched

Movies about murderous cult leader Charles Manson, ranked by critics

Cielo Means Sky: Texas Mass Shooting & Manson Family Murders

Key figures in Manson case: Cult disciples, rich and famous

4 more members of fringe haredi Orthodox sect indicted on kidnapping charges

Child porn conviction for former diplomat overturned

San Diego Police Sgt. Accused of Soliciting Minor for Sex Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

Nearly 800 accuse Boy Scouts of failing to protect them from sex abuse as new lawsuit is filed

Judge puts hold on depositions in civil case against Democratic power broker Terry Bean as he fights criminal charges

Sex Cult Founder, Alleged Followers Tied To Experimental Schools For Children Still Operating Internationally

The Lost Necker Island Photos: Part 1: Richard Branson With Nxivm – Billionaire Says He Knew Nothing About Raniere

Santa Fe, NM?? Epstein Seen With Young Girls as He Shopped for ‘Baby Ranch’ in New Mexico

Victoria's Secret Executive Leaves as Company Distances Itself From Epstein

Jailed Ian Watkins 'had concealed phone in prison'

R. Kelly charged with prostitution involving a minor

RAW: R. Kelly charged with underage prostitution in 2001 MN incident (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #August8 w/President Richard #Nixon, in a nationwide television address in 1974, announces his resignation from the office of the President of the United States effective noon the next day. (Audio)

+Mimeograph patent, Wright 1st flight, #LondonCharter, "#TellLauraILoveHer" destroyed, #ASEAN founded, '#AbbeyRoad' pic, #MansonMurders, #HankJr falls, #8888Uprising, Hetfield pyro'ed, #HLHunley raised

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#NewWorldNextWeek: Scientists Announce Human-Monkey Hybrids

#PumpUpThaVolume: Julia Jacklin - "Someday" (Live Strokes Cover)

#MorningMonarchy: August 8, 2019