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#MorningMonarchy: September 18, 2019

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Eating grasshoppers, vaping crisis and pot penalties + this day in history w/the National Security Act and our song of the day by Willie Jones on your Morning Monarchy for September 18, 2019.


The announcers are eating grasshoppers on the #Mariners game, "That is nasty."

At Seattle Mariners games, grasshoppers are a favorite snack (Apr. 13, 2018)

Jerry Remy eats a grasshopper at Safeco Field (Audio)

Fukushima fishermen concerned for future over release of radioactive water

California’s Trump-blocking environmental bill may be delayed in fight over water

Scientists, students, activists plan global strike ahead of UN climate summit


Blast & fire hits major virus lab in Russia, where HIV, Ebola & anthrax strains are stored

Mysterious Acoustic Waves in Oklahoma

In Colorado, many mobile home owners pay lot rent to park their houses on someone else’s land. The arrangement capitalizes on the immobility and economic fragility of tenants who often can’t afford to move or live anywhere else.

Human bodies move around significantly for more than a year after death, Australian scientist proves

BREAKING: Company that makes prescription painkiller OxyContin files for bankruptcy protection amid lawsuits over opioid crisis.

Film crew making a doc about climate change have to be rescued as their boat got stuck in the Arctic ice

Montreal Plans To Ban Roundup Before End Of Year

They’re not going away. Protesters of new CA vaccine law continue to demonstrate outside the Governor’s office for the ninth day in a row. (Audio)

New York City schools want to ban chocolate milk

Media seem downright giddy that they killed an industry (and made the lives of millions worse): Vapers seek relief from nicotine addiction in — wait for it — cigarettes

@GavinNewsom says “I do not believe” in flavored e-cigarette products and will “push the envelope” with executive order (Audio)

CDC activating Emergency Operations Center to aid vaping crisis investigations

Vaping has killed 6. Cancer sticks kill about 1300 EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Bottom Line With Boris - Vaping by our teens and young adults has become a crisis (Audio)

Coors Subsidiary to Start Carrying Nonalcoholic #CBD Beverages

Only a government could lose money selling weed. || The Ontario government lost $42M selling cannabis in the last year

Liberty crime activity: Pregnant woman admits she would test positive for weed, ‘probably not’ other drugs, police say

GOP Lawmaker Says Placing Weed Shops Near Churches Is Proof of 'Spiritual War'

New York law softening pot penalties goes into effect

New York law softening marijuana possession penalties goes into effect (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #September18 w/The National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency are established in the United States under the National Security Act in 1947. (Audio)

+ @RoyalOperaHouse opens, @CBS goes on-air, so does #LordHawHaw, #JimiHendrix waterboarded with wine, #JimmyCarter files UFO report, @KISS solo albums + unmasked + 'Crazy Nights', #Anthrax mailings

Flashback: Defcon 9/17: The Moon & Malware, The Cloud & Psyops // lawmakers criticize obama spacepanel for dissing moon plan // uk police 'encouraged' to hack more // pressure builds on obama to appoint cybersecurity coordinator // hathaway on cyber security for the 1st time after leaving the white house // white house collects web users' data without notice // audio: cloud computing for governments // internet security software company says 9/11 searches infected with malware // intel agencies plan to beef up cybersecurity // US special ops make psyop websites targeted at uk // france approves internet piracy bill; allows 'authorities' to cut web to people who download illegally (Sep. 18, 2009)

Flashback: Obamessiah Updates: CFR, Acorn, Rhetoric & Racewar // obama calls on young adults to back health-care reform // washpost ignores own poll finding: 54% say more they learn of obamacare, less they like it // race creeps into US healthcare debate // who took the picture of joe wilson? and how? // in the race from race, democrats rebut jimmy carter saying wilson racist // taking count of obama's czars, lawmakers rise up // obama names another globalist with tax problems to administration; imf's charles collyns to treasury // house votes to end federal funding for acorn // house joins senate in cutting acorn funding after massive scandals // US seeking 3rd delay on guantánamo cases // capt. connie rhodes asks for judge clay land to reconsider // orly taitz & the birthers falling down into the rabbit hole // video: aipac's #1 target gets out of jail; james traficant's 1st post-jail interview // cfr says: bush, obama foreign policy only differs in rhetoric // agriculture secretary bullish on rural america: or, the council on foreign relations & the geo-engineering agenda // fmr interior sec gale norton is focus of corruption probe // obama's cousin cheney undergoing spinal surgery (Sep. 18, 2009)

Flashback: 9/17 newspurge: murder/mayhem, warwhores & wv worry // murder/mayhem: police find more bones at home of kidnap suspect garrido // video: police arrest raymond clark in annie le slaying; bail at $3m // video: pedophile suspect lured, beaten by victim's family // washington sniper set to be executed in november

warwhores: elite soldier’s tell-all book "compromises national security" // more 'combat enablers' afghan-bound // US to pump 1000s of 'combat enablers' into afghanistan // gates to boost 'enablers' in afghanistan mission // video: colbert & jon ronson say 'weaponize love' not torture // northrop chairman to step down // military offers a path to citizenship // video: military robot 'hops' over walls

wv worry: police: man impersonated gov to steal info // police say man tried to steal info by impersonating west virginia governor joe manchin // wvu celebrates constitution day with case analysis (Sep. 18, 2009)

Flashback: Police State Int'l: Intel, Drills, Raids & Revolution // video: sonic crowd control weapons at townhall meetings // sonic crowd control weapons at townhall meetings // vampire cops say syringes will help stop drunk driving by taking blood // ny homes raided in terror probe // fbi set for more anti-terror raids in queens; fears of madrid-style subway bombings // queens raids prompt alert on homemade explosives // task force born on 9/11 still guards ny // police to get access to classified military intel // dod announces new info access to fusion centers // dod opens some classified information to non-federal officials // US spends $75b a year on intelligence // pittsburgh city council delays giving police new powers for g20 // uncle scam eyes vehicle tracking tax // canadians scale back planned military demo in dc // warning to people in greece, ny: your town is not under attack! // n carolina marines train for terrorism // disaster drill involves hundreds // video: butte participates in earthquake drill // drill helps students to be ready for quake // southcom runs 'southern seas' & 'panamax' drills thru oct // video: celente says revolution next for US (Sep. 18, 2009)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode140b (Sep. 18, 2009)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode141 (Sep. 18, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Willie Jones - "Bachelorettes on Broadway"

#MorningMonarchy: September 18, 2019