#MorningMonarchy: November 12, 2019

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#MorningMonarchy: November 12, 2019Light commands, robot plants and drug drones + this day in history w/the exploding whale incident and our song of the day by Night Drive on your Morning Monarchy for November 12, 2019.


Light Commands: DARPA funded research points out an impressive way to hack smart voice devices at a distance

Researchers Show They Can Hack Your Smart Speaker Just by Shining Lasers at It

Alexa Siri other virtual helpers hacked by researchers using lasers (Audio)

Spleeter: This open source AI tool quickly isolates the vocals in any song

Starting next week, Instagram will begin hiding the number of “likes” on photos or videos for some U.S. accounts. “The idea is to try to ‘depressurize’ Instagram, make it less of a competition,” the company’s CEO says.

Ring doorbells exposed home Wi-Fi passwords to hackers

Congress Fears FCC Will Not Investigate Sale of Phone Location Data Before Time Runs Out

Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way

New York Times chief Mark Thompson leaves sex abuse scandal at BBC (Audio)

U.S. Supreme Court to consider blocking Booking.com trademark

AI DEEMED ‘TOO #DANGEROUS TO RELEASE’ MAKES IT OUT INTO THE WORLD: Extremists could generate ‘synthetic #propaganda’, automatically creating white supremacist screeds, researchers warn

Here’s more footage of MIT’s Mini Cheetahs cavorting, frolicking, back-flipping, playing soccer and generally acting fun and cute, courtesy of the Biomimetic Robotics Lab (Audio)

Flexible yet sturdy robot is designed to ‘grow’ like a plant

Stanford researchers develop vine-like, growing robot (Audio)


@Google is launching an accelerator for #climatechange startups

Sidewalk Labs’ Smart Cities Will Create A For-Profit Social Credit System That Controls Judges And Police

A network of ‘camgirl’ sites exposed millions of users and sex workers


This Is How the U.S. Military’s Massive Facial Recognition System Works

Google Wants More Work from the Defense Department

Public-Private Partnerships Proposed For #5G Rollout

Screen time might be physically changing kids’ brains

This Startup Wants to Turn Space Junk Into Orbital Hotels

Pharma purge automation on steroids – UPS, CVS Complete First Drone Delivery Of Medicine To Residential Customer

UPS make successful CVS drone deliveries (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #November12 w/The Oregon Highway Division attempts to destroy a rotting beached Sperm whale with explosives, leading to the now-infamous 1970 “exploding whale” incident. (Audio)

+#Trotsky expelled, #SSVestris sinks, #EllisIsland stops, #MyLai breaks, #JimmyCarter halts #Iran oil imports, #LikeAVirgin/#HatfulOfHollow, #SantaCruz massacre, MJ cancels tour, #RamziYousef guilty

Flashback: 11/12 binge & purge: coke, milk, maize & limp // US acad. of family physicians lets coke sponsor health advice // kellogg’s claims cocoa crispies can boost your child’s immunity // kraft turns hostile in $16b bid for cadbury // flashback: kraft attempts buyout of cadbury for $16.7b // dean foods pulls bait-and-switch on ‘organic’ silk soymilk // join the organicconsumers.org’s national boycott of ‘organic cheater’ brands // monsanto pulls high lysine gm maize from europe amid concerns // under wraps: genetically engineered seeds // chemical in plastic bottles linked to impotence // superfood profile: discover the many health benefits of chlorella (Nov. 11, 2009)

Flashback: defcon 11/12: hacks, leaks, senate sneaks & more // mossad hacked syrian laptop to steal nuke plant secrets // britney’s twitter feed hacked again // cyber attacks caused power outages in brazil? // brazilian blackout traced to sooty insulators, not hackers // here’s that leaked copyright treaty document // ‘arming the cyber warrior’: pentagon chiefs buy net-security early warning system from raytheon // senate bill would give obama authority to pull the plug on your internet // keeping america’s info safe offers a secure career // vatican joins the search for alien life (Nov. 11, 2009)

Flashback: new world next week # 6 – nov12 (Nov. 11, 2009)

Flashback: biowars/swine flu: resistant strains or strained resistance // and the forced vaccinations have begun: cops hold down west virginia boy who fled the swine flu shot // teen diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome after swine flu shot // mingo county, w virginia mother denied vax exemption for daughter // few blacks showing up for free vaccines in los angeles county // video: dozens of florida students given wrong flu shot // more than 38m vaccine doses available against swine flu // polish pm: no swine flu vax unless it’s been properly tested // many italian physicians reject swine flu vaccine // majority of californians intend to ignore the late vaccine // ukraine 1st & austria 2nd for martial law? // video: more than half of ukraine to catch swine flu? // who silence on ukraine sequences raises pandemic concerns // a million infected in ukraine flu epidemic: minister // video: ukranian mutations – the full story // afghanistan ill-prepared for swine flu // need for special needles delays vax campaign in norway // serbia declares swine flu epidemic // military personnel banned from h1n1 vaccine sites // dr. archie kalokerinos on the swine flu fiasco

envirohealth updates: orlando/ft hood shooters both linked to psychiatric drugs // doj warns drug companies on corruption // dutch pull pfizer vaccine batch after infants die // rare virus poses new threat to troops // eco barons lead the way // hillary accepts blame for ‘global warming’ role, ponders link between climate change & family planning // depop mantra builds as copenhagen approaches // population reduction: globalist endgame begins? // copenhagen climate treaty in danger // video: chuck norris says copenhagen to forge ‘one world order’ // the end of america happens in the middle of the night // video: kucinich explains why he voted against health care bill // interpol: intl bioterrorism tabletop exercise // verichip buys steel vault, changes name to ‘positiveID’, creating micro-implant health record/credit score empire // playing with weather stirs debate in china // video: pandemic plague training in canada

11/13 updates: sharp rise of 500k norwegians w/ swine flu last week // naomi klein: seattle activists’ coming of age in copenhagen will be very disobedient // previous biowars/swine flu post: strange ukraine & scarcity claims (Nov. 11, 2009)

Flashback: fort hood false flag?: updates on oddities of the hasan case // everything about nidal malik hasan screams ‘patsy’ // and now… texas army killer linked to 9/11 terrorists // hasan’s family held funeral at mosque of 9/11 hijackers // maddow rips hoekstra for leaking sensitive national security info //strip club visits contradict contrived stereotype of ft hood shooter // accused ft hood gunman may be paralyzed // …and virtually every day since ft hood, there’s been another violent event in the states as the mass murder contagion rages on… // police: gunman caught after killing 1 in orlando // 2 dead in shooting at oregon clinic (Nov. 11, 2009)

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#PumpUpThaVolume: Night Drive (@WeAreNightDrive) – “Cosmic Dancer” (T. Rex Cover) (Audio)