biowars/swine flu: resistant strains or strained resistance

and the forced vaccinations have begun:
cops hold down west virginia boy who fled the swine flu shot
teen diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome after swine flu shotteen diagnosed with guillain-barre syndrome after swine flu shot*
mingo county, w virginia mother denied vax exemption for daughter*
few blacks showing up for free vaccines in los angeles county*
video: dozens of florida students given wrong flu shot*
more than 38m vaccine doses available against swine flu*
polish pm: no swine flu vax unless it’s been properly tested*
many italian physicians reject swine flu vaccine*
majority of californians intend to ignore the late vaccine*
ukraine 1st & austria 2nd for martial law?*
video: more than half of ukraine to catch swine flu?*
who silence on ukraine sequences raises pandemic concerns*
a million infected in ukraine flu epidemic: minister*
video: ukranian mutations – the full story*
afghanistan ill-prepared for swine flu*
need for special needles delays vax campaign in norway*
serbia declares swine flu epidemic*
military personnel banned from h1n1 vaccine sites*
dr. archie kalokerinos on the swine flu fiasco*

envirohealth updates:
orlando/ft hood shooters both linked to psychiatric drugs*
orlando/ft hood shooters both linked to psychiatric drugsdoj warns drug companies on corruption*
dutch pull pfizer vaccine batch after infants die*
rare virus poses new threat to troops*
eco barons lead the way*
hillary accepts blame for ‘global warming’ role, ponders link between climate change & family planning*
depop mantra builds as copenhagen approaches*
population reduction: globalist endgame begins?*
copenhagen climate treaty in danger*
video: chuck norris says copenhagen to forge ‘one world order’*
the end of america happens in the middle of the night*
video: kucinich explains why he voted against health care bill*
interpol: intl bioterrorism tabletop exercise*
verichip buys steel vault, changes name to ‘positiveID’,
creating micro-implant health record/credit score empire
playing with weather stirs debate in china*
video: pandemic plague training in canada*

11/13 updates:
sharp rise of 500k norwegians w/ swine flu last week*
naomi klein: seattle activists’ coming of age in copenhagen will be very disobedient*

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