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#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2020Experimental disabilities, handwritten notes and family traditions + this day in history w/the Hebdo killers killed and our song of the day by City Morgue & Denzel Curry on your Morning Monarchy for January 9, 2020.


Iowa facility accused of human experiments on people with disabilities

Glenwood Resource Center accused of conducting experiments on human subjects (Dec. 12, 2019) (Audio)

Doctors shocked by 5-inch 'dragon horn' sprouting from man's back

Headless torso found in Idaho cave identified as bootlegger

Demon with Forked Tongue Found on Clay Tablet in Library of Assyrian Exorcists

10th Century Cross with Jesus Christ Image, Peacock Ring Seal Found in Tuida Fortress in Bulgaria’s Sliven

4,000-Year-Old Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Underworld May Be Oldest Illustrated 'Book'

Ghost boat' containing human remains washes up on Japanese island

Fugitive ex-Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn Sneaked Out of Japan in Box Used for Audio Gear

Ghosn's 'Great Escape' Masterminded By Ex-Green Beret, Involved 300-Mile High-Speed Rail Sprint

British White Helmets 'spy' was likely running away from someone before his death

‘Doomsday cult’ mom of missing Idaho kids believes she’s a god

Former Arizona doctor convicted in drug scheme, murder plot

Cop Indicted for Recklessly Driving Patrol Car Onto Sidewalk, Killing a 4yo Little Girl

Terrorists who ‘self-radicalise’ online are bigger threat than attackers sent by Isis, counterterror chief says

QAnon Believer Teamed Up With Conspiracy Theorists to Plot Kidnapping, Police Say

Voters in town once run by polygamous sect probably broke the law when they cast ballots, prosecutor says

Henning Heldt, 1945-2020: Scientology’s 1970s spymaster went to prison for L. Ron Hubbard

In Borderlands 3, you take on a murderous cult worshiping a cruel, vain deity who demands that her minions attack others, sacrifice themselves, and constantly sing her praises.

CAPTAIN AMERICA' ACTRESS Mollie Fitzgerald CHARGED WITH MURDER ...Allegedly Stabbed Mom To Death

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s ex-partner Nick Gordon dies at 30

Handwritten Note Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell

An Inside Look at Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Cell (Audio)

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton poses with Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell and a sex slave on board private jet the ‘Lolita Express’

Kevin Spacey Publishes a 'Kill Them With Kindness' Video-A Day Later His Third Accuser Is Dead

Ghislaine Maxwell Under Ex-Special Forces Guard

Education Official in NY Is Accused of Facilitating Child Sex Abuse

Harvey Weinstein charged with sexual assault and rape in Los Angeles

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex say they are stepping back from their roles as senior members of the British royal family and plan to work towards becoming "financially independent," the couple announced

Nxivm leader Keith Raniere’s sentencing postponed again

Singer M.I.A. Attended Necker Island Secret Nxivm Retreat With Then-Husband Ben Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Richard Branson

NXIVM, The Bronfman Family, Singer M.I.A & Assange? (May 2, 2018) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #January9 w/The perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris two days earlier are both killed after a hostage situation in 2015. (Audio)

+ Columbus sees mermaids, Mississippi secedes, @UN Concert, #HillsideStrangler-s sentenced, Sting on #TheSimpsons, Guru of @GangStarr robbed, Abbas replaces Arafat, 1st #iPhone unveiled

+ #Nixon, #LeeVanCleef, #BartStarr, #BobDenver, @JoanCBaez, #ScottWalker, #JimmyPage, #DavidJohansen, #CrystalGayle, #Haddaway, #DaveMatthews, @JoeyLaurenAdams, #SeanPaul, @HayesCarll birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: City Morgue - "Draino" (w/Denzel Curry) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: January 9, 2020