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#MorningMonarchy: July 2, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: July 2, 2020Pasta depression, partial remains and Epstein statues + this day in history w/the Guns N' Roses riot and our song of the day by City Morgue on your Morning Monarchy for July 2, 2020.


“Is your teen secretly struggling with depression? How Gen Z is using the secret code 'I had pasta tonight' as a cry for help on on social media” 🍝😢 Did we mention it’s a secret???

Total of 6,666 abortions carried out under new legislation last year

CHARGES FILED ‘Cult mom’ Lori Vallow hit with new charges including conspiracy to conceal evidence in death of her kids

California woman gored by bison at Yellowstone National Park after getting within 10 feet to take photos

Human remains found in search for missing Fort Hood soldier

‘Partial human remains’ found near Texas river as officials search for missing Fort Hood soldier... (Audio)

The family of missing Fort Hood soldier #VanessaGuillen say they believe she is dead, after remains were found. A suspect, a soldier, shot and killed himself.

Golden State Killer admits to dozens of rapes, 13 murders

Prosecutor: Golden State Killer said inner person drove him

Madison man whose arrest sparked violence is charged with extortion by feds

Fired Cop Kills Man, 3 Dogs, Gets Rehired and Shoots Innocent Dad Through a Door — Still a Cop

Son of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev died of gunshot wound to the head

Unknown people filled a fountain at the "Trump Square" in Tel Aviv with red water, and wrote slogans that read "annexation will cost you blood," in protest against the Israeli plan of annexing the West Bank. (Audio)

Israel orders evangelical Christian media network God TV to take channel off air

White evangelical approval of Trump slips, but eight-in-ten say they would vote for him

Facebook bans extremist 'boogaloo' group from its platforms

Italian police seize over $1 billion of 'ISIS-made' Captagon amphetamines

Boulder Co Shambhala Member 20 Years Child Sex Assault

Son of #ButlerCounty judge receives no #prison time after pleading guilty to child #porn

Are Milwaukee Police Covering Up Sex Trafficking?

Oxford⁩ theology professor is jailed in France after downloading 28,000 child abuse images

Top child advocate at #UnitedNations-funded charity pleads guilty to sexually assaulting boy

Madeleine McCann suspect's British neighbour destroyed any likely DNA evidence from his house

Grateful Dead Murder & Missing Persons Mystery Leads Tenderfoot TV Podcast Slate

An eight-foot tall whipping post will no longer be displayed at the Sussex County Courthouse in Georgetown, Delaware.

Trump requests toppled Satanic Mason, Albert Pike, statue in DC be restored

The NXIVM cult and Keith Raniere: Who were the other leaders?

Experience: my yoga class turned out to be a cult

Maroon 5’s Mickey Madden arrested on domestic violence charge

Church of Scientology tried to silence Danny Masterson’s alleged rape victims

Rose McGowan says making music ‘saved’ her as she opens up about spending her childhood in a cult

Finally, a statue the fake left can agree on: Mystery Jeffrey Epstein statue found in Downtown Albuquerque

Mystery #JeffreyEpstein statue found in Downtown Albuquerque (Audio)

+ #ShermanAntitrustAct, #Marconi obtains a patent for radio, #AmeliaEarhart last heard from, first #WalMart, #LBJ takes break from #Vietnam genocide to sign #CivilRightsAct, #Rocky theme #1, #Live8

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode175b (Jul. 1, 2010)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode176 (Jul. 1, 2010)

+ #ThurgoodMarshall, #MedgarEvers, #PollyHolliday, #RonSilver, #LarryDavid, #GregBrown, #BretHart, #JoseCanseco, #LindsayLohan, #MargotRobbie birthdays

#NewWorldNextWeek: Bodily Autonomy in the Corona World Order

#PumpUpThaVolume: ZillaKami (@ZillaKami) - "ACAB" (w/Nascar Aloe) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: July 2, 2020