#MorningMonarchy: December 8, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: December 8, 2020The fastest man alive, masker tests and smart farming + this day in history w/the death of Juice WRLD and our song of the day by Lizzy Jeff on your #MorningMonarchy for December 8, 2020.


Legendary airman Chuck Yeager dead at 97

Gen. Chuck Yeager dead at 97 (Audio)

San Diego Wants To Use Military-Grade Drones To Catch Speeders

Elon Musk: Electric Vehicles will Double Electricity Demand, but Renewables And Grid Scale Batteries will Deliver

Elon Musk’s SpaceX wins close to $1bn in preliminary taxpayer funding to unleash broadband across rural US

Stream-Ripping Is Next Frontier for Piracy Wars

Thousands of files STOLEN from NATO cybersecurity contractor, as arrests made in lengthy data theft scheme

IBM Uncovers Global Phishing Campaign Targeting the COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain

Micro(Big Brother)Soft patents a system that scores a video conference call

Care home uses robots to keep residents safe from #COVID-19

Hewlett Packard Enterprise moving headquarters from Silicon Valley

British Elite Army Unit To Spy On & Combat ‘Anti-Vax Militants’: Sunday Times

@JohnsHopkins⁩ newspaper deletes, then retracts, article on faculty member’s presentation about #COVID-19 deaths

The @Walmart #Mask #conspiracytheory 🤔 (Audio)

Former Israeli space #security chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a “Galactic Federation” have been in contact with the US and #Israel for years, but humanity isn’t ready to know this.

After a million-year journey, a meteor explodes above Syracuse in 2020

China sees major breakthrough in nuclear fusion with artificial sun

Brazilian soy farmers try 5G technology with Huawei equipment

5G Smart Farming – Sunrise & Huawei (Oct. 15, 2019) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #December8 w/Rapper Juice Wrld dies after eating his drugs so the Chicago Midway Airport pigs wouldn’t find them in 2019. (Audio)

+ #AtomsForPeace, #FrankSinatraJr kidnapped, wife beater #JohnLennon shot by #CIA doorman, #SophiesChoice opens, #NAFTA signed, #BohemianGrove fans #GratefulDead breakup, #Dimebag killed on-stage

Flashback: Wikileaks Being Used to Justify ‘Internet Patriot Act’ // Related Wikileaks Updates, part1: Corrupted oracle or Cointelpro asset of establishment? // Wikileaks: State secrets or clever tactics // Wikileaks faces cyber attacks, loses PayPal account for donations // Operation payback cripples Mastercard site in revenge for Wikileaks ban // Mastercard.com taken down by Pro-Wikileaks forces // Wikileaks’ Wall Street bombshell // Wikileaks: Cables referring to UFO’s expected // Wikileaks chief: Expect UFO talk in future files // Wikileaks: US identifies key sites around world for security // Europeans accused of ‘paranoia’ over fears of US economic espionage, documents reveal // Australia says US, not Wikileaks founder, responsible for leaks // The 9 weirdest things about the Wikileaks story // Assange arrest a chilling sign of power’s “new realities” // ‘Chaos’ at Wikileaks follows Assange arrest // Video: Assange set up by CIA operative?

Related Wikileaks updates, Part2: Julian Assange as Dr. Strangelove – Wikileaks says: stop us? You’ll have to shut down the web // Key lawmakers up pressure on Wikileaks, defend Visa & Mastercard // Visa under attack from anonymous, payment processors, as Wikileaks war escalates // Wikileaks avoids shutdown as supporters worldwide go on the offensive // Dutch arrest teen for pro-Wikileaks attack on Visa & Mastercard websites // Assange could face espionage trial in US // Assange prosecution: a brazen effort to kill alternative media // Rowley: Had Wikileaks existed, 9/11, Iraq war ‘could have been prevented’ // Cablegate: Texas company helped pimp little boys to stoned Afghan cops // Audio: Wikileaks targets CIA enemies’ list with new document dump (Dec. 8, 2010)

Flashback: Wikileaks Is Not a Psy Op? (Dec. 8, 2010)

+ #JamesThurber, #LeeJCobb, #SammyDavisJr, #JimmySmith, #FlipWilson, #DavidCarradine, #JimMorrison, #MaryWoronov, #GreggAllman, #KimBasinger, #SamKinison, #BushwickBill, #NickZinner birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: Lizzy Jeff (@RapPriestess) – “Priestess Divinations” (Audio)