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#MorningMonarchy: May 24, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: May 24, 2021Bullied into silence, false claims and Canadian airspace + this day in history w/the first-ever night game and our song of the day by Blooded The Brave on your #MorningMonarchy for May 24, 2021.


Pentagon Mulls Keeping Trump-Era Change to Psychological Operations

'Astonishing': FBI analyst charged with removing classified al-CIAda documents

Epstein guards to skirt jail time in deal with prosecutors

Andrew Giuliani announces 2022 bid for New York governor

Shouldn't the "Son of Sam" law prevent this sort of thing? Cuomo set to earn $5M from book on COVID-19 crisis

Ohio unemployment system wrongly paid $2.1 billion because of fraud

Newsom turns to bribery, opening up a big bag of goodies to Cali

Old Swiss money no longer valid from Friday

Billionaires Are Selling Mega-Sized Stock Blocks After Surge

In a new documentary series set for release Friday, Prince Harry is once again emphasizing that his family turned a blind eye to the struggles of his wife Meghan Markle, saying he will "never be bullied into silence"

Trailer for Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey's documentary series 'The Me You Can't See' | Sunrise (Audio)

Chicago Police Union Approves No-Confidence Vote Against Mayor

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband taken into custody amid ‘criminal investigation’

Mayor Vowed To Take "Illegal Guns Off The Street". Police Just Found One In Her Home

SCOTUS rules against warrantless seizure of guns while man is in hospital for suicide evaluation

The Squad Enables Pelosi's Massive Capitol Police Spending Bill While Cynically Feigning Opposition

BLM Sends Rioters To Gaza To Protest Israel By Burning Down Palestinian Businesses

Israeli State Terror Reflects the Scourge of Zionist Tyranny

The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet: It’s One Empire

Top U.S. general warns of broader destabilization risk from Israel

TONE-DEAF: Biden ‘Commends’ Netanyahu, Promises to ‘Replenish’ Israel's Iron Dome

Jewish New Yorkers march to Schumer’s home, demand end to ethnic

'I was just canceled.': An interview with Emily Wilder, the recent Stanford grad who was fired from AP over criticisms of Israel

The ‘NY Times’ admits Israel’s military duped it

A Press Corps Deceived, and the Gaza Invasion That Wasn’t

"Those 5-year-olds will grow up to attack our children. KILL THEM!… Drop the nuclear bomb on them!… it's the only thing they understand!" (Audio)

Oregon tells businesses: You must 'verify' vax records of customers

Oregon counties vote to secede to Idaho

They Might Get the Evil Michigan Governor Gretchen "Hard Lockdown" Whitmer

WILLIAM M. ARKIN: Inside the military's secret army

‘We don’t know exactly what they are’: Obama says UFO sightings appear real

Documents reveal Chinese fighter pilots are training in Canadian airspace

EXCLUSIVE: Minister of Transport approved Chinese fighter pilot training in Canadian airspace (Audio)

1935 - MLB holds first night game with newly-installed lights at Crosley Field in Cincinnati. //

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Flashback: Dutchsinse Takes Flak for Joplin Tornado Forecast (May 24, 2011)

Flashback: Ground Zero: Monkey Shines, Symbolic Gestures & more (May 24, 2011)

#PumpUpThaVolume: Blooded The Brave (#BloodedTheBrave) - "Menace To Eugenics" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: May 24, 2021