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Since 2005, Media Monarchy has covered the real news about politics, health, technology and the occult - all remixed with music and media that matters.

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 9, 2021

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#PumpUpThaVolume: September 9, 2021Media Monarchy plays The Bomboras, Night Beats, John Coltrane and more on #PumpUpThaVolume for September 9, 2021. ♬

Fugazi - "Life & Limb" (Vinyl)

The Bomboras - "Party At Gregg's" (Inst.)

Soopasoul - "A Wild Mad Beat" (Edit // Inst.)

Madmess - "Stargazer"

The Allergies - "Love Somebody"

Dominique Cravic - "Touchez Pas Au Grisbi"

Fruitcake - "Patty Lane"

Sutter Zachman - "We Live In California"

Night Beats - "Revolution" (Acoustic)

Guitars On Drugs - "The Mission" (Inst.)

John Coltrane - "A Love Supreme, Pt. IV - Psalm" (Live In Seattle)

Joanie Sommers - "One Boy"/"Little Girl Blue"

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 9, 2021