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#MorningMonarchy: November 18, 2021

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#MorningMonarchy: November 18, 2021Ever-extending mandates, highly concerning dossiers and beginning jury selections + this day in history w/the Ballantyne's fire and our song of the day by Marcus Gad on your #MorningMonarchy for November 18, 2021.


NM Extends Indoor Mask Mandate and Expands Vaccine Booster Eligibility

Colorado governor calls out New Mexico’s mask mandate through at least Dec. 10

Video: All New Mexico adults now eligible for COVID-19 booster shots; indoor mask mandate extended (Audio)

Worldwide Search Trend For "Died Suddenly" Spikes To Record Highs

White Americans Produce More Air Pollution Than They Consume

Image: Man these reparations seems weird

Surge in Heart Disease Due to 'Climate Change'

Suicide numbers could be linked to humidity, new study says

The Texas National Guard & Texas Dept. of Public Safety have seized enough fentanyl to kill everyone in Texas, California, & New York. While Biden does nothing, the Lone Star State is keeping communities safe.

Aurora, again: Aurora, Colorado shooting near school sends six teens to hospital

1 Bad Apple? ENTIRE Union Voted to Remove Cop for Exposing Torture Death of Handcuffed Man

13-yr-old watches father die as staffing crisis likely delayed police, fire response

Workers at federal prisons are committing some of the crimes

Pilot who flew with William Shatner to space killed in plane crash

Knife attacks continue to haunt Japanese metro

Video: GB News have obtained CCTV footage of the moment vehicle explodes outside Liverpool Women's Hospital

Teen French jogger admits to lying over alleged kidnapping

Video: The judge in the murder trial of three white men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery denied a defense attorney's motion for mistrial over the Rev. Jesse Jackson being in the courtroom.

Why Dr. Martin Luther King Distrusted Rev. Jesse Jackson

Vatican monsignor claims Covid doesn't exist and jabs are 'Satanic'

Cops probe school board head over eerie ‘dossier’ on parents

Video: The Watchman News - School Board President Caught With Highly Concerning Dossier On Parents (Audio)

Marina Abramovic has healed from her own art, now she’s healing visitors to Babi Yar

Scottish govt puts tampons in male toilets

"Non-Binary" University Instructor Calls To 'Destigmatize' Pedophilia

Maryland Mayor charged with multiple counts of posting revenge porn

Training sex worker students is an abuse of a university’s academic legitimacy

Durham University defends student sex work training

Boris Johnson's father facing serious accusation

Ghislaine Maxwell loses bid to bar psychologist from testifying

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Gives Epstein Sex Abuse Victims Shot at Reckoning //

Video: Jury Selection In Ghislaine Maxwell Sex Trafficking Trial Begins (Audio)

1947 – The Ballantyne's Department Store fire in Christchurch, New Zealand, kills 41; it is the worst fire disaster in the history of New Zealand. (Audio) //

#MorningMonarchy: November 18, 2016


#PumpUpThaVolume: Marcus Gad & Tamal (@MarcusGad) - "Brave New World" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: November 18, 2021