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#MorningMonarchy: June 7, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: June 7, 2022Virtual carriage rides, UFO hearings and minimal bureaucracy + this day in history w/the Lux Radio Theatre signs off and our song of the day by Remy on your Morning Monarchy for June 7, 2022.


Image: Never-Ending Pro-War Propaganda // Top Gun 2

UK movie theaters to use digital IDs for kids

#WWDC22: Apple's new Safety Check feature will aid those in abusive relationships by letting you review and revoke access to certain people, including location, accounts, passwords, and more

Google goes Soviet on Nuland/Pyatt confab plotting Ukraine's post-coup government

Video: 2014 UKRAINE COUP: Victoria Nuland - Geoffrey Pyatt Leaked Phone Call (Audio)

Victoria Nuland

Image: A screenshot from election evening in Denmark regarding whether or not Denmark should join the EU army, unfortunately they say it came out as a yay to joining. But look at the colors of that beam -pure coincidence I’m sure.

US Engaged In "Offensive" Cyber Ops Against Russia In Ukraine: NSA Director

Ex-CIA director called to testify on plot to kill Assange

Video: #BREAKING: Gov. Kathy Hochul: "In the state of New York, we're now requiring social media networks to monitor and report hateful conduct on their platforms." (Audio)

Hochul demanded White House appointment to be replaced as Cuomo’s No. 2 (Oct. 7, 2021)

Hochul blows $2M on new office in building of campaign donor

Kathy Hochul

Was the Queen's Virtual Carriage Ride a Real Hologram? The tech used was likely a modified Pepper's Ghost, which dates to the 1860s.

Video: People's Pageant: Queen appears as a hologram in the Gold State Coach (Audio)

Ubank merger beneficial for brokers, customers

The Great Robo-placement? Workplace Robot Orders Jump 40% In First Quarter

New world record for data speed is 100,000 times faster than 5G

How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)

Conservative nonprofit launches ad campaign targeting bills over Big Tech censorship

Sheryl Sandberg says she’s quitting as Meta COO

Tom Bernthal

U.S. Congress Holds First UFO Hearings in Fifty Years Just as Biden Administration Budgets Record $27.6 Billion For Space Weapons

Video: Congress to hold first open hearing on UFOs in half-century (Audio)

"Those eyes make everything okay"

Image: HYBRID Cover Art. Tamagotchi Children - CYBERBIRTH

Tamagotchi kids: could the future of parenthood be having virtual children in the metaverse? //

'Tamagotchi children' who don’t exist could 'solve population problem'; Virtual offspring could become fully accepted in society, would be cheap to raise and don't even have to grow up //

New York attorney general to investigate Twitch, Discord over Buffalo shooting; The attorney general's office also announced its investigations would include sites like 4chan.

Lumos System Can Find Hidden Cameras and IoT Devices in Your Airbnb or Hotel Room

CFTC sues Gemini claiming crypto exchange lied in futures contract evaluation; The agency says the exchange gave false information in person and in documents in its 2017 bid to be among the first to offer Bitcoin futures contracts.

New York Senate passes moratorium on proof-of-work mining

Proof of work

New type of 3D printing uses sound waves to build up objects

Elon Musk’s Ultimatum to Tesla Execs: Return to the Office or Get Out

Musk’s loose tongue costs him billions again; The Tesla owner’s fortune shrank by nearly $17 billion in one day after his plans to cut jobs were leaked

Ford CEO wants EV sales to be ‘100%’ online

California regulators approve state's 1st robotic taxi fleet

Inventions by artificial intelligence are pushing patent laws to breaking point; Can software be an ‘inventor’? As courts wrestle with AI patent applications, the law must change to keep up.

Danny's workmate is called GPT-3. You've probably read its work without realising it's an AI

Beyond our ‘ape-brained meat sacks’: can transhumanism save our species? //

Biden’s New ARPA-H: Flexible Biomedical Funding & Minimal Bureaucracy

Video: Former Vice President Biden proposes ARPA-H, South Carolina (Jun. 22, 2019)

#ThisDayInHistory: 1955 – Having launched in New York in 1934, and featured radio adaptations of Broadway shows and popular films, Lux Radio Theatre signs off the air permanently. (Audio) //

Flashback: Legendary Writer Ray Bradbury Dies At Age 91 (Jun. 7, 2012)

Flashback: Chi-Coms Demand US Embassy Stop Publishing Pollution Data (Jun. 7, 2012)

Flashback: #Sandusky Update: #PennState-Heavy Jury Picked For Trial (Jun. 7, 2012)

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#PumpUpThaVolume/#TruthMusic: Remy (@GoRemy) - "Putin" (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: June 7, 2022