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#MorningMonarchy: June 15, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: June 15, 2022Tasty & point, harshin' my meth mellow and dispensary drops + this day in history w/the Pig War and our song of the day by Dan Allen on your #MorningMonarchy for June 15, 2022.


California requires volunteer sheep counters to submit to fingerprinting and background checks

China bank protest stopped by health codes turning red, depositors say //

Fully Vaccinated and Boosted HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Tests Positive for COVID-19 Again

WHO set to decide if monkeypox represents health emergency

Why can't I find Sriracha anymore? The spicy condiment is widely used in Asian restaurants, and is a regular ingredient in spicy mayo.

Video: It's hard to be proud of accidentally getting feces all over your partner, that's why Postmates has a new menu for bottoms.

Two Workers Hospitalized After Falling Into M&M Chocolate Tank at PA factory; ‘Shift Supervisor, Mr. Wonka, was unavailable for comment’

McDonald's restaurants in Russia to reopen under new name after buyer found; McDonald's announced plans to sell its Russian business on Monday, making it one of the largest global brands to exit the country following the invasion of Ukraine.

Tasty & point!

Video: McDonald's restaurants reopen in Russia under new name (Audio)

Pentagon divulges number of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine

Biden Admin Quietly Urging Companies To Purchase Russian Fertilizer

Biden Commits $645 Million Fighting Food Shortages In Latin America, Not USA!

Biden's Presidency Summarized In One Tweet

Gas is $5 a gallon, 10 year old Honda Civics cost $20k, suburban middle class homes cost half a mil and rent is $2,000 a month. Hope the $3k in stimmy checks was worth it

Labor Union Threatens US Foods With "Work Stoppages," Could Impact East Coast Restaurants

They're one of the maaajor distro companies. They're second only to Sysco - and were almost owned by Sysco, but it was actually called a monopoly and they broke it up. 😬

'Shrinkflation' accelerates globally as manufacturers quietly shrink package sizes

Sherron’s catch tipped the marina’s scale at 137 pounds

What’s Up With the World’s Supply of Wheat? The war in Ukraine, droughts and floods are all threatening worldwide supplies of the important crop.

Backyard poultry contact linked to more than 200 salmonella cases

France puts 18 on trial over alleged involvement in vast horsemeat scandal; Defendants are accused of participation in supply of horsemeat unfit for human consumption across Europe

Eating meat is healthier than going vegan

Rhode Island launches 1st human donor pasteurized milk program to combat baby formula shortage

Developmental Disorders in Babies born to Vaccinated Mothers?

Do vaccine rollouts correlate to disabled Americans? With this much flak, might we be directly over an important target?

The Foegen Effect: How Mask Wearing Can Make You Sick

The Foegen effect: A mechanism by which facemasks contribute to the COVID-19 case fatality rate

Fatal Wrong-Way Crashes Soar In 2022 As Other Alarming Trends Emerge

Montreal police issued more public health tickets in diverse neighbourhoods, study finds

The UK changed the definition of “case” to INCREASE Covid numbers. Again.

#Merck Shingles Vaccine #Zostavax Is Causing What's It's Supposed To Prevent (Apr. 26, 2017)

Merck Sued for Side Effects of ZOSTAVAX Shingles Vaccine (Jan. 5, 2022)

COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder; Studies suggest a link between a rapidly progressing, incurable and fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and COVID-19 vaccines.

The Rise of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Myocarditis and Its Implications on the Future Use of This New Vaccine Platform

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States, May 31-June 6 (Part 1) // In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States, May 31-June 6 (Part 2) //

Florida Classifies Some Meth Trafficking as Murder

Video: Florida Classifies Some Meth Trafficking as Murder (Audio)

When Was Fentanyl Approved By The FDA?

Desoxyn: FDA-Approved Methamphetamine

#WeedWorldOrder: Thailand's 'marijuana wonderland': 5 things to know

#WeedWorldOrder: 10,000 Truck Drivers Taken Off The Road Due To Marijuana Violations

#WeedWorldOrder: DOJ urges Supreme Court to deny workers’ bid for medical pot reimbursement

#WeedWorldOrder: Baron Cohen drops lawsuit over cannabis dispensary billboard

#WeedWorldOrder: Sacha Baron Cohen Claims Biden Team Were “Very Happy” With ‘Borat 2’ Giuliani Controversy; The British actor-comedian believes the infamous bedroom scene involving Donald Trump's personal lawyer had an impact on the presidential election. (Feb. 18, 2021)

#WeedWorldOrder: Video: Sacha Baron Cohen drops lawsuit against Somerset dispensary (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 1859 – Ambiguity in the Oregon Treaty leads to the "Northwestern Boundary Dispute" between United States and British/Canadian settlers… in the Pig War! (Audio) //

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