2/2 Newspurge: Pretty Pink Ribbon

Susan G. Komen stops Planned Parenthood funding*

Komen Foundation Urged to Restore Planned Parenthood Funds*
Pfizer recalls 1M birth control packs after mixup*
Calgary mayor turns to psychologist to help city council get along*
Scientists make Bulletproof skin*
Audio: Mysterious Skin Disorder Affecting Thousands Of Californians Classified As Psychosis*

Video: “The House I Live In’ Wins Grand Prize at Sundance*

Cross-border methamphetamine trade booms amid Mexico’s ‘war on drugs’*

What Investors Can Learn From Occupy Wall Street*

Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners*
U.S. accuses China of instigating plot against DuPont*
Importance of the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit*

‘Dr Polio’ gave OBL info, admits Panetta*

Biden says he advised ‘don’t go’ on raid to kill bin Laden*
Video: Syrian Singer Rallies Assad Forces*

Audio: Chilling tape from Air Force One on day JFK shot*

Audio: Bismarck’s Voice Among Restored Edison Recordings*

‘Pink Ribbons Inc.’ examines the politics of marketing disease*

Pink Ribbons, Inc. – University of Minnesota Press*
Video: ‘Pink Ribbons, Inc.’ Trailer*
Oscar-nominated director arrested at House hearing*
Hollywood A-Listers Toast First Lady, Raise Nearly $1 Million for Barack Obama’s Re-Election Campaign*
‘Strategic Vision,’ by Zbigniew Brzezinski*
British Businessman Linked To Jay-Z Held Over Murder*
Video: ‘Muppets’ Press Conference Calls Out Fox Business Network for ‘Communist’ Comments*
Honda, Mathew Broderick bring back ‘Ferris Bueller’ for Super Bowl XLVI commercial*
Video: Full ‘Ferris Bueller’ Super Bowl Commercial Revealed*
Soul Train creator Don Cornelius dies of apparent suicide*
Dick Tufeld, Robot Voice in TV’s ‘Lost in Space,’ Dies at 85*
Audio Satire: Area Child Baffled By Stationary, Nonviolent Images*

Egypt soccer fans rush field after game, 74 dead*

Smoke and Fog Trigger Florida Pileup, Killing 10*
Retrial Planned for Officer Linked to Post-Katrina Shootings*
Coroner Examining Leslie Carter’s Body, Cause of “Mysterious” Death Still Unknown*
More Than 200 Rescued After Ferry Sinks Off Papua New Guinea*

Oregon Oddities:
Oregon Dem. wins special election*

Oregon bracing for tsunami debris*

Police State Updates:
Big Sister Says Security ‘Unprecedented’ for Super Bowl 2012*

LA Police Department Conducts Joint Exercises with the Military*
Tanks on Main Street: The Militarization of Local Police*

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