3/17 Newspurge: The Toxicity Of Our City

9/11 Updates:
flashback: epa says air ‘safe to breathe’ on 9/18*
the toxicity of our city - flashback: epa says air 'safe to breathe' on 9/189/11 chopper footage hits worldwide headlines while incriminating 9/11 foia videos ignored*

more fines proposed for oregon chemweapons depot*
pickering nuclear plant in ontario reports water leak*
cover-up in canada: radioactive leak into lake ontario*
video: section of california’s highway 1 falls into ocean*
magnitude 4.3 quake detected on ontario/quebec border*
usgs test explosives near san andreas fault*
manassas, virginia simulates anthrax attack*
83 rescued from ky eatery that floated downstream*
remember haiti? cholera cases could top 750,000*
update on redondo beach dead fish: toxins found in sardines that died by the millions*
millions of dead anchovies float to surface on redondo beach*

obama admin steps up anti-marijuana battle*
illegal drugs found at nasa spaceport again*
update: dc kids ingest cocaine at elementary school*

corporate profits hit 18yr high*
japan’s meltdown & the global economy’s*
who in the world is going to buy the billions of dollars of debt the US govt is constantly pumping out now?*
update: michigan passes ‘financial martial law’ bill*

11th hour bid to stop gaddafi as US finally backs intervention*
united nations approves war on gadhafi*
behind the 2011 orgy of destabilizations: pre-emptive coups by the cia*
cia contractor raymond davis freed after ‘blood money’ payment*
‘blood money’ frees cia contractor from pakistan jail*
bahrain declares martial law, sunni-shi’ite tensions flair*
israel: new settlement housing after bloody attack*
egypt’s elbaradei: con-man in chief?*
expanding US/mexico economic & security cooperation*
twilight language: cia & mar17*
fmr haitian president jean-bertrand aristide returns to haiti after 7yr exile
(with a little help from foundation-funded friends & fronts)

“world’s largest paedophile ring” uncovered:
global paedophile ring smashed by british detectives as 120 arrested in uk*
police send in robot to conofirm okc murder-suicide*
video: ny bus crash that killed 14 under investigation*

Obamessiah Updates:
house votes to defund national public radio*
clinton’s spokesman quits after questioning treatment of wikileaks suspect*
video: fmr dem party officials face charges over a scheme to create fake tea party candidates*
video: white house worker falls into green-dyed fountain*

Oregon Oddities:
#pdxboom: lightning, huge thunderclap lights up 911*
alpha turns off kufo’s rock for kxl’s talk*
kxl portland adds fm simulcast*
the portland loo, an innovative throne room*

US plan military presence & ops in afghanistan beyond 2014*
the snipers’ story: 2 insurgents killed with 1 bullet*

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