3/11 newspurge

9/11 updates
video: america’s next top model is a crazy conspiracy theorist*
councillor fujita publishes a book on 9/11*
detainees say they planned 9/11*
video: gitmo inmates admit planning 9/11*
guantanamo detainees admit to 9/11 plot*

webster tarpley: obamavilles in america*
web-savvy obama ‘rarely’ reads blogs, says they’re misleading*
wired, wikipedia, wnd & fox: whitewashing obama’s past*
obama engages in eugenics*
obama takes on the black budget*
obama’s top economic adviser: more money for the banksters*
fight back against the banker onslaught with ‘the obama deception’*
‘the obama deception’: alternate trailer*
sneak peeks from ‘the obama deception’*
video: slain US nazi hated obama, had parts for ‘dirty bomb’*
obama hater had materials for ‘dirty bomb’*
obama’s nyt interview: military aggression & attacks on democratic rights to continue*
ron paul: obama foreign policy identical to bush*
ex-nyc health commissioner hamburg tapped for fda*

police state int’l
planned disaster drills in arizona will not affect hospitals’ activities*
thoughts of storm troopers filling spy case*
uk police databank on thousands of protesters*
scotus upholds president’s powers to detain you*
mock terrorism response exercise starts mar9*
leahy’s sham commission*
military readies reservists for threats to ‘domestic front’*
canadian military units to undertake ‘domestic security’*
chuck norris claims 1000s of right wing cell groups exist & will rebel against US government*
hospital deploys rfid bracelets for children*
identification by body odor: does it pass the smell test?*
police confiscate more than $1m from phish fans*
western military forces turning inward in anticipation of domestic unrest*
man says he was informant for fbi in orange county*
taser launches headcam for cops*
new airport security rules to require more personal information*
army to start liaison program with washington state police*
the cia: beyond redemption & should be terminated*
nfl & other nwo org’s exempt from terrorism lawsuits*
feds & arizona state officials to conduct ‘major disaster drill’ on asu campus mar9-13*
hersh: ‘executive assassination ring’ reported directly to cheney*

california raw almonds must be treated, judge rules*
bilderberger plot to control US food supply*
food safety modernization act of 2009: the end to farmers’ markets & organic farms?*
stop federal takeover of food regulation in hr875*
researchers suggest insufficient evidence of efficacy of gardasil*
video: poison on the platter*

judge delays trial over authentic jfk ‘sniper’s perch’ for three weeks*
demand the release of the jfk files!*

films to combat cinema’s depression*
lisa pease: who wants to watch the watchmen?*
video: ‘watchmen’ as popcorn propaganda for the nwo*

video: clinton, quigley & the new world order*
letter reveals john lennon complained about lax security at dakota
(nypost has apparently memory holed the original article)*
$30m & 10yrs later, nazi war docs still secret*
edwin black: american corporate complicity & the nazis*
the legend behind lincoln’s watch comes true*

video: security guards stood down as gunmen killed northern ireland soldiers*
pakistan militants claim drone shootdown*
US missile attacks on pakistan to ‘dramatically increase’*
US military chief backs counter-insurgency for mexico*
video: north korea puts troops on alert*
shoe hurled at ahmadinejad in iranian city*
israeli ex-prez: a serial sex offender?*
chinese ships ‘harass’ US vessel*
video: china accuses US navy of breaking the law*
china says US provoked naval confrontation*

video: 50k rally against tax hikes in new york*
‘green jobs’ won’t do much to end recession*
demint’s small riots*
4 plead not guilty after probe of anti-tax group*
bomb damages citibank branch in athens*
bernie madoff: circus sideshow attraction*
bernie madoff: the single bullethead theory*

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