4/14 Newspurge: State Run Radio

9/11 updates:
Evidence against 9/11 plotters revealed*
evidence against 9/11 plotters revealedmilitary prosecutors compare native american resistance to al-qaeda*
extraordinary conflict of interest: bush cousin is judge in explosive case*
architect tells indiana crowd controlled demolition felled towers*
the many false hijackings of 9/11; up to 29 reported*
first responder death toll nears 1,000*
airlines & airport security agree to pay $1.2b for 9/11 property damages*

emancipation day drives federal tax deadline to apr18*
world economists urge g20 to accept ‘robin hood tax’*
the economy is booming again…for ceo’s*
wells fargo tests microchip credit cards for globetrotting clients*
obama signs temporary spending bill*
little iceland panics big banks*
georgia girls robbed of $150 at lemonade stand*
british banker dies in plunge from singapore hotel rooftop bar*
suicide rates in US increase as economy declines, cdc researchers find*
video: max keiser says global banking system runs entirely on cocaine money*

pakistan tells US it must sharply cut cia ‘activities’*
pakistan tells US it must sharply cut cia 'activities'US continues airstrikes in libya*
eu prepares ground troops for libya*
medvedev warns of libyan collapse; will consult with china on its response*
syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters*
video: is the president of the czech republic a pen stealer?*
mubarak’s sons held as ex-egyptian leader collapses with ‘heart problems’*
mubarak has heart attack during questioning*
video: dramatic footage shows troops capturing ivory coast’s former president*
clinton says capture a lesson to dictators everywhere*
video: united nations installs imf stooge in ivory coast*
al-qaeda al-zawahiri surfaces in rare online video*
16 mexico police officers held, accused of aiding cartels in massacres*

lone gunman shoots six dead in dutch shopping mall*
video: dutch town in shock after gunman’s rampage*
satanism connection to s. african couple keeping head in their fridge*
deadly blast hits belarus subway*
air france jet clips plane on runway*
video: air france superjumbo jet clips and spins smaller commuter jet*
US air traffic controllers asleep on the job; director resigns*
woman raped in denver airport*
bronx zoo announces cobra’s name: mia*
congress slips anti-wolf rule into budget bill;
first-ever intervention with endangered species
boy escapes as mother kills self, three kids in ny drowning suicide*
tenth set of human remains in new york point to serial killer*
video: ny serial killer could have police background*
tennessee student kidnapped, dragged into woods by camouflaged abductor*

Obamessiah Updates:
congress delivered articles of impeachment for obama*
congress delivered articles of impeachment for obamavideo: bruce fein’s articles of impeachment for obama*
wsj calls obama speech most ‘dishonest in decades’*
video: larouche exposes the ‘face of evil’*
obama successfully demobilized antiwar movement*
video: defazio says obama should ‘act like a democrat’*
romney announces bid for presidency*
US congress passes slimmed down 2011 budget*
video: biden dozes off during obama’s budget speech*
video flashback: cheney nods off during meeting on california wildfires*
curdling the cream in everybody’s coffee: birther’s trump card?*

Oregon Oddities:
audio: northwest states move to counter rise in immunization waivers, blaming ‘misinformation’ in media*
video: decemberists ‘this is why we fight’*
beaverton woman faces bosnian war crimes charges*
out on the frontier, bringing all that baggage with them:
“meek’s cutoff”, directed by kelly reichardt
video: oregon lawmakers ‘rick roll’ state legislature*

Police State Int’l:
finding order in the orwellian chaos*
finding order in the orwellian chaostsa, congress vow to review pat-down of 6yr-old girl*
video: new orleans tsa gives invasive pat down to 6yr-old girl*
tsa gropes 8yr-old boy in front of outraged mother*
video: tsa gives invasive pat down to 8yr-old oregon boy*
former medford cop guilty of perjury*
medford officer charged with sex abuse resigns*
salem police officer resigns during criminal investigation*
jury awards woman $82k after portland police beat her because she asked for a business card*
video: kansas city police dog takes a bite out of woman’s head & butt – but not crime; bystander attacked by k9*
video: texas officer pepper sprays baby squirrel as students beg him not to*
montana judge on dui task force charged with dui*
cop who shot pace student named ‘officer of the year’*
video: pittsburgh police tase & club baseball fan*
video: boston’s thermal cameras show too much?*
video: san fran considers id scans for public events*
china calls out US human rights abuses: laptop searches, net porn*
wayne madsen under threat of assassination by govt?*

US spends 6 times more on military than any other country*
US weapons systems dependent on rare earth elements from china*
navy successfully uses northrop lasers aboard ship*
video: nato using depleted uranium in libya*
‘security incident’ on camp pendleton: 2 iranians, 1 afghani arrested*
dozens of top cia officials leave for private firms*

WV Worry:
WV mom seeks rehearing in immunization case*
dark horses step up in west virginia*
ex-massey foreman pleads guilty to making false statements*
mine safety admin uses enforcement rule for first time in 33yrs*
‘coal’ delivering solid numbers for spike tv*

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