5/26 Pop Occulture: Oprah, Secret Circle & Faith-Healing

How Oprah became a messiah (or is that Antichrist?)*
How Oprah became a messiah (or is that Antichrist?)Oprah says god behind success of show*
Lady Gaga’s “Judas”: Spreading the occult gospel*
Actor happy with ‘Secret Circle’ TV role: “I was… hypnotised by the occult.”*
‘Possessed’ teenager stabbed mother 5 times, allowed to walk free after UK judge accepts her ‘strong spiritual beliefs’*
The Obama’s meet the Royals on ‘Ascension Day’; Where Obama signs Westminster Abbey guestbook ‘2008’*
Tony Blair’s priest fixed papal knighthoods for cash – and partied with transvestite ‘nuns’*
Pope closes monastery after ex-stripper show*
Priest sex-abuse case in archdiocese of Benedict’s adviser*
Video: Another trial for faith-healing parents set to begin in Oregon*

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