5/1 newspurge: mayday, mayday

obamessiah & the apostles of war
top dems complicit in torture coverup*
obama rejects truth panel*
obama legal team wants defendants’ rights limited*
court rebuffs feds, reinstates torture suit*
‘state secrets’ cannot hide cia torture program, appeals court rules*
dems refuse to allow skeptic to testify alongside gore at congressional hearing*
video: gore denies that ken lay & goldman ceo’s helped develop c02 trading ‘scheme’*
hillary compares margaret sanger to thomas jefferson*
video: hillary ♥ ron*
why did porter goss finger jane harman?*
sebelius confirmed as health secretary*
amnesty says obama so far ‘failed to deliver’ on human rights*
obama’s 100 days: high marks for science, low for privacy*
fact check: obama disowns deficit he helped shape*
scotus souter retiring in june*

police state int’l
arizona dept of public safety & US marshals merge to track fugitives*
audio: uk police caught on tape trying to recruit protester as informant*
multinational forces storm florida’s mayport beach for drills*
northcom/ft monroe, va to host military exercises may6*
91 protesters arrested at white house*
senate approves bill to stop real id in oregon*
surveillance effort draws civil liberties concern*
kbr awarded homeland security contract worth up to $385m*
video: paul craig roberts: ‘america is no longer ruled by the law’*
colossal spy airships with 15-story radars get $400m reality check*
investigation ordered into virginia fusion center document*

the next-generation arms race begins w/ internet2*
gates to nominate nsa chief to head new cybercom*
security experts debate federal approach to cybersecurity*
cyberpanic: it sells*
how anonymous hackers triumphed over time*
US cyber-security ’embarrassing’*
saic awarded $11m contract by darpa*
saic awarded $28m contract by space & naval warfare systems center*
secret military installations images in google earth*
infowars experienced sophisticated denial of service attack*

should the US decriminalize marijuana?*
america’s schizoid pot culture: 4 in 10 have smoked it & millions are still getting busted*
mexico on path to decriminalize personal possession of drugs*

video: ‘the secret right’ trailer*
dvd copying case focuses on ‘fair use’*
public booted from dvd copying trial over ‘secret’ css code*
internet group attacks websites in ‘operation baylout’*
english transcript of pirate bay guilty verdicts released*
scotus upholds government ban on profanity*
abc fiercely defends notoriously ‘desperate’ reporter*
world-renowned pianist declares he will not return to US*
censors for talk radio expected within 90 days*

pakistan prez zardari says osama might ‘not exist anymore’*
blair’s catholic gambit pays off*
hugo chavez donates island to new jersey*
turkey & syria hold military exercise; israel disturbed*
operation arabian gauntlet: 13 nation navies complete gulf anti-terror exercise*
fort dix plotters sentenced to life in prison*
uk court finds 3 not guilty of aiding 7/7 bombers*
evidence of 1948 malaysian massacre by uk troops to be reviewed*

video: autoworkers compete to keep jobs, livelihoods on new reality show*
oliver stone in for ‘wall street’ sequel*
top senate democrat durbin: bankers ‘own’ the US congress*

and 2 last local lines:
safety lapses led to wv bayer pesticide factory explosion*
flashback: bayer pesticide factory explosion in west virginia kills 1
portland will continue as sustainability leader & hub for e-car industry*

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