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murder/mayhem: suicide, regicide & the 2nd shooter memory hole

but first, a little perspective:
april bloodiest month in iraq in a year as security plummets

more southern shootings
from copycat effect: On April 25, 2009, within minutes of each other, two multiple shootings, apparently issuing from domestic violence situations, left six people dead in Georgia and Florida, in one case including the shooter.

top cancer scientist commits suicide by deadly chemicals

US plane forced to land in incident with rampaging passenger
from dpa: A Delta Airlines plane on a flight from New York to Tel Aviv was forced early Saturday to make an emergency landing in Boston after a passenger sought to force his way into the cockpit, the local television channel WCVB reported. The report said that some 2 hours after the fully-loaded Boeing 767 plane took off, a man tried to storm the cockpit. Five passengers managed to overpower him and keep him tied down with a safety belt until the plane could land at Boston's Logan airport. The man was described as a 22-year-old Israeli.

flight 3407 crash: who is acting ntsb chairman mark rosenker?

massacre in moscow supermarket
from russia today: A Moscow police officer who went on a shooting massacre through a supermarket on Monday has caused outrage from human rights activists and lawmakers in Russia, who are calling for stricter gun controls and police reform. Denis Yevsyukov shot dead three people and wounded another six.

uk teenager dies in double stabbing &
10 tourists killed in california bus crash

5 killed in 'assassination attempt' on dutch royal family

from times online: The Dutch Royal Family looked on in horror yesterday as a car ploughed into a crowd of wellwishers, killing five and injuring twelve. The car smashed through two police barriers in an apparent attempt to ram the open-top bus carrying the royal party, which included Queen Beatrix, 71. Dutch media reported that the driver, a 38-year-old man, had been fired from his job and faced eviction from his home. He was slumped at the wheel when he was arrested. Police said that the man, who was in a critical condition, had no history of mental illness and had acted alone. No explosives were found in the vehicle. The Royal Family had been visiting Apeldoorn, 60 miles (96 km) east of Amsterdam, as part of the festivities for the annual Queen’s Day holiday. In a rare television address Queen Beatrix offered her condolences. “We are speechless that something so terrible could have happened,” she said, looking shaken. “My family and I think everybody in the country sympathises with the victims, their families and friends. What began as a great day has ended in a terrible tragedy.” On Queen’s Day, which commemorates the birth of Queen Beatrix’s mother, millions of people take the day off, dress in orange wigs and hats and hold street parties. Last night the parties were cancelled and flags were at half-mast. Ludo Goossens, a justice official, said: “At the moment of first contact with police on the ground, the man indicated that his action was aimed against the Royal Family.”

update: driver dies after attempted attack on dutch royal family

azerbaijan gunman kills 13 at college
from guardian: Thirteen people were shot dead and another 13 injured today after a student went on the rampage at his campus in Baku, the capital of the oil-rich Caspian state of Azerbaijan. The student – identified as Nadir Shirhanoglu – opened fire after a dispute with other members of his college faculty, witnesses said. He then shot himself in the head.

when this story first broke,
i saved a pdf of the original guardian article which mentioned:

"Russian news agencies identified the gunman as a Georgian citizen, Mursal Gamidov. The shootings may have broken out following a row between a rival group of foreigners at the college and Azeri students, the agencies suggested. The Azeri press agency this morning quoted a senior police officer as saying that the gunmen were "terrorists" who had been "neutralised". A student told the news agency Reuters he believed two gunmen were involved."

needless to say, that's all gone down the memory hole...

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