5/19 binge & purge: fizzy drinks & touchscreens

vitamin d deficiency linked to all diseases & illnesses*
vitamin d deficiency linked to all diseases & illnessesmelatonin makes a comeback, leaving experts unrelaxed*
10 food additives that you’re eating . . . right . . . now*
toxin from gm crops found in human blood*
fracking & farming don’t mix:
isn’t it time we exhibited some precaution?
ron paul & the milk police*
retro coca-cola ads chart fizzy drink giant’s history*
euro mcdonald’s replacing some employees with touchscreens*
ronald mcdonald to face fire at annual meeting*
audio satire: mcdonald’s stock tumbles as consumers turn to food*
superior, wisc. postal carriers pick up over 30,000 pounds of food*

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