5/28 newspurge

9/11 updates:
9/11 commissioner veniste slams bush*
9/11 commissioner veniste slams bushbush criticized by former 9/11 commission member*
last chance to indict bush & cheney for the mass murders of 9/11?*
cheney corroborates his early arrival in the bunker on 9/11*
napolitano: 9/11 terrorists did not enter US from canada*
psychologists weigh in on 9/11*
300,000 new yorkers could be headed for 9/11-related health crisis*
9/11 ‘misleads’ americans’ view of terrorism*
is actor mark adrian humphrey the 9/11 ‘harley shirt guy’?*

US cyberattack console aims to turn grunts into hackers*
US cyberattack console aims to turn grunts into hackerspentagon working on cyberwarfare tools for gi’s*
dod developing portable hacking device for soldiers*
natl cyber range: building attack tools for mass destruction*
US cops & military to get laser guns*
darpa & google translation projects are bringing down the language barrier*
air force looks for ‘core algorithms’ of human thought*
obama picks ex-shuttle commander to lead nasa*
obama shines light on air force’s super solar array*
video: military robots and the future of war*
standard updated for reporting suspicious activity online*
obama set to create a cybersecurity czar with broad mandate*
long-awaited cybersecurity report to arrive friday [may29], white house says*
obama’s scotus pick schooled in cyberlaw*
video: viral video hoax, or proof of impending cyber apocalypse?*
solar cycle 24: solar flares & social collapse*
cost of electric grid failure from 2012 solar storms avoidable*
kennedy linked US/USSR lunar missions with classified ufo files*

united nations wants ‘flood of drugs’ in afghanistan to devalue opium*
US forces seize almost 15 tonnes of narcotics including opium, heroin & morphine*
medical evidence on marijuana blows both ways*

revolution in the air*
revolution in the airtrouble ahead: millions of mortgages will ratchet upward soon*
dollar hits 4 month low against the euro after fed badmouth*
recession turns malls into ghost towns; ‘dead malls’ to grow to 100 nationwide*
who’s to blame for the tent people?*
schwarzenegger plans to completely eliminate welfare for families in california*
hr1207, ron paul’s bill to audit fed, gains serious momentum*
2 illinois banks seized, bringing US tally this year to 36*
when it’s time for residents to leave foreclosed homes, deputies show up*
china warns federal reserve over ‘printing money’*
jfk’s eo11,110 remains in effect today*
rising unemployment raises threat of social crisis*
video: 1st person – getting ready for the worst*
waterboard the fed*
general motors 1st hybrid; from 1969!*
irs tax revenue falls along with taxpayers’ income*
video: toledo police layoffs leading to gun buying*
americans’ credit scores fall as they struggle to pay bills*
geithner to meet top chinese leaders*
microchipping your money*
schwarzenegger targets welfare, health care in new round of cuts*
staples profit falls 33% in 1st quarter*
bilderberg plan for 2009: remaking the global political economy*
once considered unthinkable, US sales tax gets fresh look*
economic crisis spurs spike in ‘suburban survivalists’*
time warner to spin off aol, ending deal*
toys r us acquires high-end retailer fao schwarz*

role of british diplomats in tamil leaders’ failed surrender bid*
role of british diplomats in tamil leaders' failed surrender bidcheney goofs on israel*
guards let mexico inmates escape*
obama & jfk: pressuring israel to limit nuclear capability*
video: is israel in danger?*
poland expects patriot in 09, US ‘yes’ to shield*
as israel rages, US plans for iran war re-emerge*
half of israelis back immediate strike on iran*
israel to ignite all-out regional war?*
how much cash have we wasted in afghanistan?*
pakistan risks ‘human catastrophe’*
US killed 97 afghan civilians in 2 days*
shell human rights abuse case to open in US*
shell ‘played role in activist executions’*
church of scientology could be banned in france*
trial against church of scientology begins in france*
israel to conduct nationwide civil defense drill*

former intern to tell of affair with jfk*

flight 3407: idle ‘chit-chat’ was not a factor*
illinois sen burris’ plane makes emergency landing*
georgia father gets 100 years for poisoning kids’ soup*
washington has first death under new state suicide law*
former s korean president roh dies in apparent suicide*
video: 6 ways to kill a 6th grade girl*
generals find suicide a frustrating enemy*
mike tyson’s daughter on life support*
tyson’s 4yr old daughter, exodus, dies after treadmill accident*
copycat effect: cat people: enemy action?*
brazil plane crash kills 14, including children*
teacher admits sex with boy; police say mom approved*
russian girl discovered ‘behaving like dog’*
tampa woman stops armed carjacker with her own gun*
US buys enough guns to outfit the entire chinese & indian army*
neo-nazis with bomb parts in alabama & maine*
chinese spa murder sparks concern*
video: passer-by pushes suicide jumper off bridge in china*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
obama still debating how to try 9/11 & uss cole defendantsobama still debating how to try 9/11 & uss cole defendants*
tom ridge says cheney is wrong*
the lie cheney told about a q khan*
the obama dystopia*
obama’s guantánamo appeasement plan*
obama nominates hispanic woman to scotus*
obama’s transportation sec to ‘coerce people out of their cars’*
ron paul audio: torturing the rule of law*
another establishment news site confirms obama officials attended bilderberg 2009*
is hr985 meant to protect obama & his criminal actions?*
obama combines security councils, adds offices for cyber/pandemic threats*
scotus writes the constitution*
cheney & rumsfeld pressured cia to mislead congress in the 70s, too*
mancow waterboarded, admits it’s torture*
haass pans questions about bilderberg & national sovereignty*
pelosi: ‘every aspect of our lives must be subject to inventory’*
obama continues bush’s assault on the middle class*
US military investigator confirms women & children were raped at abu ghraib*
la raza to supreme court?*
white house struggles to defend sotomayor’s race statement*
obama demands right to recruit minors for military*

police state int’l:
uk recruits an army of private snoopers with police-style powers*
uk recruits an army of private snoopers with police-style powersgates says new ‘supermax’ facilities for terror suspects can be built*
japanese university to hand out free iphones to students, so they can be tracked*
police mix up new brew of efforts to fight dui*
home sec was warned of mi5’s ‘blackmailing of muslims’*
license plate surveillance grid used to track antiwar protesters*
marines invade staten island during festivities*
families line up for the masonic child id program*
4 states adopt ‘no-smiles’ policy for driver’s licenses*
uk’s cctv network to track, log all car journeys*
cop grabs emt by the throat*
video: insane thug cops attack emergency paramedic*
ny officer acquitted for body slam that broke woman’s jaw*
US plans to press fbi into counter-terror ops*
netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals*

US army prepared to stay in iraq for a decade*
gi’s could be in iraq after 2012*
‘incompetent’ navy wasting money*
new rule puts US coast guard in canadian waters*
right-wing military writer: we may have to kill war journalists*

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