clyde lewis & the ground zero lounge – may 2009

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being green: it’s not so easy [may4]
being green: it's not so easy [may4]In “Being Green: It’s Not so Easy” Clyde Lewis points out that some of the more outrageous theories about Swine Flu are no more insane than the arguments for Global Warming. In this episode you will find out who profits from diseases & fear-based threats.

on the trail of iatrogenocide [may11]
on the trail of iatrogenocide [may11]The New Flu pandemic is not a hoax but a well thought out false flag event. How are the pandemics, cattle mutilations, and Chemtrail spraying connected? Find out in this compelling and timely Ground Zero Lounge.

fascist unethical corporate knowledge [may18]
fascist unethical corporate knowledge [may18]The United States is a Corporation. Find out how some people are fighting unethical corporate knowledge with the Constitution; Making great strides against the heavy handed control of the Corporate criminals in Washington D.C.

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