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5/5 newspurge: helplessness blues

With bin Laden death, Middle East stocks may rise;

With bin Laden death, Middle East stocks may riseInvestors focus on risk & opportunity after ‘Arab spring’ awakenings*
Syrian army braced for 'day of defiance'*
France Expels 14 Libyan Officials*
Pancho Villa relative Mexico's newest cop*

Investigators find black box from Air France crash*

flashback: air france flight 447: little hope, lost, lightning?*

Mummified body of actress/playmate Yvette Vickers found in cali home*

William Campbell, ‘Star Trek’ Klingon, Dies 87*
Jackie Cooper, Legendary 'Our Gang' & 'Superman' actor, Dies 88*

obama: 'I've never seen devastation like this'

(yeah, and the tornado damage is pretty bad, too)

Classified Documents on the Rise Despite Obama Talk of Transparency*
Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Admin*
Outsider hired for Obama speeches, at taxpayer expense*
Huh? Fox stages fake debate between Ron Paul, Obama impersonator*

oregon oddities:
Portland Back In Terrorism Task Force With Some Reservations*

Oregon football's Kiko Alonso arrested, charged with burglary*

police state int'l:
Rihanna Put Through Naked Body Scanner In Show Of Power*

video: dhs & cops Attack WIU Students G20-Style*
florida Senate Sneaks RFID Drivers License, Internet ID into Transportation Bill*
video: Media Terrorists At CBS Spread 'soft target' threataganda*

Blackwater’s New Ethics Chief: John Ashcroft*

video satire: Predator Drone Court-Martialed For Afghani Civilian Deaths*
Two More Merc Firms Get Big Iraq Contracts*
audio satire: Friendly Dragon Added To U.S. Arsenal*

wv worry:
State Officials Fume as Obama Scrutinizes Mining Permits*

video: wrongful Arrest in parkersburg*
Shepherdstown Battlefield to be studied by National Park service*

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