5th anniversary of hurricane katrina: somber ceremonies

flashback: painful lessons of hurricane katrina
from buzztab: Hurricane Katrina left 1800 people dead and New Orleans virtually underwater but it was 5 years ago and today US is marking 5th anniversary of the horrible day when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast.

The somber ceremonies commemorated for occasion started on Saturday and in Louisiana residents staged a symbolic burial of their loved ones. President Obama is scheduled to visit New Orleans. He will deliver a speech at Xavier University which was also flooded during the Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina hit the area on 29th August 2005 and displaced millions of people and President Obama is going to assure the survivors that he will leave no stone unturned in order to complete the rebuilding plans.

A district where many houses are still vacant will hold a march and a healing ceremony and many of these houses have a circle painted on them to ensure that these houses have been searched for victims.

While President is visiting the area, the doubts about spending of the $20 billion in direct federal relief after Hurricane Katrina are still looming as much of this money is still unspent even after 5 years. The fact is given due consideration by one of the congressmen who wants to spend this money somewhere else.

U.S Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has put forth questions about spending of the federal relief fund as according to reports much of this money is still unspent and Tom wants this money to be used for covering federal budget deficit.

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