9/11, Numerology and the Occult Agenda

Bible researcher Glen Moore is convinced of necessity of numerology to see and understand occult handiwork. “911 was a mega occult ritual. In Kabbala 10 is the number for deity. When you skip from 9 to 11, you are skipping the Almighty Creator, and proclaiming your faith in Lucifer. In addition to that there is the connection with the Tarot card XVI called “The Tower” where the tower is broken near the top, and the people are jumping out to their deaths below. All of this happened in the same way at the twin towers. And finally, many details regarding the numbers connect with Numerology, as the number 11 comes up so often it could not be a coincidence. No, 911
was not the work of Islamic terrorists, but instead it was the work of occultists–the same occultists that are currently running our government and many others around the world,”
reads caption under video on You Tube. Moore illustrates in under 15 minutes how numerology in service of occult agenda, leaves its signature on events. Researcher Glenn Moore feels spell is wearing off and may in fact be broken! We can only hope – well-spent quarter of an hour!

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