9/11 updates: schools, software, questions & controversy

9/11 t-shirt stirs school controversy – but not how you think*
bin laden family members evacuated from US in wake of 9/11*
audio: lionel has questions about 9/11, what’s wrong with that?*
9/11 commission ‘played with fire’*
video: challenging journalists to investigate jenningsmystery.com*
‘al-qaeda’ releases ‘new’ 9/11 video showing ‘zawahiri’*
if you want another 9/11, leave afghanistan, rice says*
nyccan: the march for answers*
alleged 9/11 perpetrator studying vietnam war atrocity film*
leading gps software suggests superior augmented gps service at wtc during 9/11 attacks*
video: chertoff pounded with 9/11 questions by c-span callers*

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