9/11 updates: uss new york, drills, docs & destruction

navy vessel built with 9/11 steel sails up ny’s hudson river
navy vessel built with 9/11 steel sails up ny's hudson riverfrom dpa: News reports said the USS New York stopped at a pier in lower Manhattan facing the new World Trade Center under construction to pay tribute for those killed in the September 11, 2001, attacks. Welcoming the vessel at the pier were police, firefighters, military personnel and family members of the victims. The vessel will dock at Pier 88 on the Hudson River alongside the USS Intrepid, now a floating museum visited by tourists, while visiting New York City.

amalgam virgo: doc reveals details of military exercise involving suicide pilot 3 months before 9/11*
rosie radio w/ william rodriguez on sirius*
nro, agency near pentagon, scheduled to practice response to simulated plane crash*
rep. sherman’s office admits explosives found in the wtc dust –“…but not enough to bring down the towers.”*
9/11 timeline additions: destruction of flight controllers’ tape*

11/5 updates:
chomsky confronted on 9/11: admits lihop is ‘conceivable’*
senate rejects effort to block civilian trials for 9/11 suspects*
video flashback: webster tarpley says the war on terror is a fraud*

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