9/24 newspurge: cronkite, capitalism, killers, cars & coal

fbi reportedly destroyed cronkite records*
fbi reportedly destroyed cronkite recordslbj’s silence on jfk conspiracy is a mystery with no answers*
lady bird: lbj believed official report on jfk assassination*
‘franklin coverup’ exposes pedophile govt officials*
truce in six-decade nazi sneaker war*
war’s just good business*
manson family murderer susan atkins dies at 61*

media magnate among the backers of michael moore’s new doc*
audio: the fix is in – interview w/ ‘the informant!’*
mamas & papas singer had ‘incestuous relationship with daughter’*

insane killer on the loose in washington*
insane killer on the loose in washingtonvideo: criminally insane killer on the loose*
insane killer caught after 3 days on loose in washington*
related video: ‘the dream team’ trailer*
doctor, 90, kills wife, tries to commit suicide*
at least 7 dead in georgia floods*

oregon oddities:
oregon to be site for device to boost electric cars*

wv worry:
coal-fired plant in west virginia is poised to store gas*

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    he needs to get what he did them die

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