defcon 9/24: f the cc, felonies, netflix & spacejunk

fcc to propose ‘net neutrality’ rules*
fcc to propose 'net neutrality' rulesfcc position may spell the end of unlimited internet*
should the president have the power to turn off the internet?*
presidential internet kill switch may still be alive*
feds move to control the internet*
cybersecurity: one step forward*
cybersecurity vs cyberwarfare*
obama cyberczar to regulate the information highway*
will the US president have the authority to shut down the internet?*
former US cyber czar joins wurldtech’s advisory board *
fcc: congress said we could spank comcast for p2p blocking*
plea deal clears intel analyst of felony hacking*
dozens report strange lights over massachusettes*
millions under surveillance by obama’s new internet spy program*
white house takes a big step into the cloud*
netflix pays out $1m for better recommendations*
netflix prize 2: (privacy) apocalypse now?*
authentication said key to cybersecurity*
pentagon wants ‘space junk’ cleaned up*
too much radiation for astronauts to make it to mars*

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