9/9 defcon: i9/11, sources & sat crash

cybercrooks aiming to cash in on 9/11 anniversary*

cybercrooks aiming to cash in on 9/11 anniversary

mars rovers carry 9/11 tributes*
cia, mossad also targeted in massive diginotar cert breach*
scientist stewart nozette pleads guilty to attempted espionage*
the spy who tweeted me:
intel community wants to monitor social media
video: google raided by south korean anti-trust officials*
sources exposed as unredacted state dept cables unleashed*
disturbing iphone5 incident has apple acting as secret police*
skype is microsoft’s $8.5 billion identity tool*
yahoo pondering sale; what might microsoft make of this mess?*
huge defunct satellite to plunge to earth soon, nasa says*
video: lunar orbiter finds footprints on the moon*

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