abc honored for ‘misleading’ 9/11 series

from upi: ABC received a “Falsie” award for its Sept. 11 miniseries that the Center for Media and Democracy chided as the most misleading U.S. show of the year.

The organization – described by as a “left-leaning watchdog group” by Daily Variety – chided ABC’s “Path to 9/11” as “an opportunity to rewrite history” launched by conservative filmmakers that directly contradicted the Sept. 11 commission report it was supposedly drawn from.

The Falsies are presented to shows deemed to be subliminal PR spin distorting the facts.

The runner-up for the dubious honor last week was the National Association of Broadcast Communicators, the organization that distributed pre-packaged “video news releases” that appeared to be legitimate TV news reports.

from 9/11 blogger: Listen to Paul Thompson download paul thompson on 'path to 9/11' tell us why “Path To 9/11” was “misleading.”

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