industry: protect nuke plants from the air

industry: protect nuke plants from the airfrom playfuls: The nation’s nuclear power industry is asking the U.S. government how to protect new plants from airplane terror attacks.

The official request comes weeks after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued initial regulations for new plants that are no tougher than those in effect for decades, The New York Times said.

The request is focused on the commission’s Design Basis Threat, a list of possible attack threats the commission has put together on possible defenses for each nuclear company.

Based on post-Sept. 11 concerns, the nuclear power companies and some commission members, such as Gregory B. Jaczko, have suggested new reactors be built with airborne attacks in mind.

“I am encouraged the nuclear industry acknowledges the commission should do more to strengthen security requirements,” Jaczko said of the official request, while cautiously adding, “This proposal does not ensure that any new nuclear reactors will be designed to withstand commercial aircraft crashes.”

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  1. Porgie Tirebiter, Royce Penstinger and Pinto Bean Avatar

    I read the article you site, and I have a completely different slant on the subject matter, and find what is going on more than disturbing. If you go to my blog at [] be interested to hear your views…any comments on the huge accident involving the truck load of 6500 pounds of fuel grade uranium oxide being returned from Japan for reprocessing that tipped over in North Carolina? I find it a bit suspicious that they claim there was no breach, yet saw fit to toss and Exclusionary zone around the accident to keep the press away.

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